Keep your business connected, wherever you are with Airtel’s Satellite internet connectivity solutions

    Worried about running a business in the middle of nowhere - a desert mine, a bustling oil rig or rural areas. How do you connect with the world? Global Satellite Solutions is that lifeline. No more worrying about patchy signals or dropped calls.

    Powering remote mines with seamless connectivity

    • Enhance operational efficiency and data accessibility in remote locations.
    • Boost productivity and safety in challenging terrains by ensuring reliable communication networks.
    satellite internet providers

    Reliable communication for vessels at sea

    • Improve navigation, tracking, and communication for safer and more efficient voyages.
    • Empower seamless operations by staying connected with crew, shore, and other vessels for uninterrupted business continuity.
    global satellite internet

    Enabling lifesaving communication in disaster zones

    • Establish resilient communication networks for first responders and aid organizations.
    • Ensure uninterrupted support by providing essential communication for rescue operations and resource distribution.
    international satellite internet

    Connecting rural communities to a world of possibilities

    • Bridge the digital divide and open doors to education, healthcare, and economic growth by connecting underserved areas.
    • Empower community development by fostering social inclusion, innovation, and entrepreneurship through digital connectivity.
    global satellite internet providers

    Streamline media workflows for global broadcasts

    • Guarantee uninterrupted broadcasts by ensuring high-quality content delivery, even in remote or challenging locations.
    • Optimize your production processes with enhanced and accelerated content delivery to audiences worldwide.
    Satellite Connectivity Solutions

    Exclusive features of global satellite internet services

    • Alerts management

      Everywhere coverage

      Broad coverage across all orbits- LEO | MEO | GEO. Managing 8000+ Mbps of satellite capacity across regions.

    • Asset management

      Quick Deployment

      Expand operations across locations with quick and easy connectivity setup on any terrain.

    • Vehicle tracking

      Cost Optimization

      Minimize your operational cost and increase ROI with satellite connectivity that is easy to deploy and maintain.

    • Geofence management

      High Availability

      Get constant access to your devices and applications with reliable satellite services providing 99.9% uptime.

    Impact delivered through Global Satellite services

    • 100%

      global coverage

    • 99.99%


    Why choose Airtel satellite internet service?

    • Alerts Management

      Trusted allies in tech

      We team up with the best - 03B (MEO) & OneWeb (LEO) - to bring you the future of connectivity.

    • Asset Management

      Backed by strong infrastructure

      600+ LEO satellites in orbit & 1.6 Tb in MEO Orbit.

    • Vehicle Tracking

      Greater interoperability

      Compatibility across different satellite orbits (LEO, GEO, MEO).

    • Geofence Management

      Proven track record

      With over 2 decades, we have the expertise to tackle any challenge in the satellite industry.

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