A leading online furniture rental portal achieved 3000+ signups in their first campaign by targeting audiences closer to their store locations.

    Helping 1500+ businesses to run personalized, omni-channel marketing campaigns with Airtel

    Airtel IQ Hyperlocal marketing addresses critical challenges faced by marketers like inappropriate audience targeting, limited platform capabilities and inadequate tracking. Effortlessly tailor custom cohorts according to your unique business requirements and launch personalized campaigns across channels like Whatsapp, SMS, RCS and Voice while gaining real time analytics insights. Easily integrate with your existing CRM through APIs or leverage our self-serve platform.

    A small business was able to target college students from nearby campuses for their newly opened cafe

    • Attract college students by not just targeting audience basis demographics like age and gender but also those closer to your cafe.
    digital marketing campaign

    Reduce abandoned carts for your online business by retargeting the right audience

    • Reach out to the users who frequently shop on e-commerce websites through Whatsapp and RCS.
    hyperlocal marketing

    Send a personalized servicing reminder to your existing clients about regular events

    • Utilize multiple channels like Whatsapp, SMS and Voice to send personalized service communications, using APIs integrated with your existing CRM.
    marketing promotional campaign

    Convey exclusive offers to your customers with personalization, even for bulk messages

    • Utilize analytics to identify the most receptive cohorts for targeted campaigns and track their performance effectively.
    omnichannel campaigns

    Use intelligent bot to agent routing for return requests on WhatsApp

    • Enhance after sales customer experience by providing a channel for customers to return their parcels.
    hyperlocal marketing solutions

    Exclusive features of Airtel IQ Hyperlocal Marketing campaign management

    • User Friendly Platform

      User friendly platform

      Our intuitive platform and APIs seamlessly integrate with your existing systems making it easy for you to manage campaigns effortlessly.

    • Multi Channel Capability

      Multi channel capability

      Run campaigns across communication channels like WhatsApp, RCS, SMS and Voice messages.

    • Sharp Insights and Targeting

      Sharp insights and targeting

      Choose from 5 key parameters and 50+ interest cohorts and leverage insights from 355 Mn+ users.

    • Personalize Campaigns

      Personalize campaigns

      Schedule campaigns and personalize them on a scale.

    • Real-time Analytics

      Real-time analytics

      Comprehensive reporting and measure campaign effectiveness instantly. Encryption for full data protection.

    • Flexible Payment Options

      Flexible Payment Options

      Choose from a pay-as-you go prepaid option or a post paid plan, enabling convenience.

    Cloud Telephony
    Hosted Contact Center

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