Revving up efficiency and growth: A leading automobile dealer drives network transformation with Airtel SD-WAN

    Connected ecosystem, reimagined mobility.

    With the government’s forward-looking stance on mobility, it is not just rapidly transforming the automotive industry including EVs & hybrid vehicles but has also given rise to number of component manufacturers. With this wave of change, factories need to become more digital, automated, and connected to serve the opportunities around smarter ICE engines, hybrid vehicles, or full EVs. Our solutions will help you navigate this dynamic landscape and build the future of mobility in India.

    Make your factory floor efficient and productive with Airtel Private 5G.

    • Detect product anomalies during early stages of production.
    • Make real-time alterations to product design and reduce time-to-market.
    • Ensure predictive maintenance, reducing cost, saving time and brand reputation.
    Smart Factories

    Airtel IoT is powering large automotive companies and component manufacturers with innovative features.

    • In-car infotainment and telematics data with secure data transmission.
    • Key driver and passenger safety features such as SOS calling.
    • Single platform to cater to EV segment with connected vehicle, charging stations, surveillance cameras.
    Connected Vehicles

    A large Indian automobile manufacturer reduced operation costs by 15% using Airtel IoT.

    • Gain complete visibility into the fleet, driver behavior, and fuel consumption.
    • Trigger device wakeup, assess performance and manage firmware updates.
    • Easy route tracking and optimization.
    Vehicle Tracking

    A large automotive player leveraged Airtel IQ Assured Delivery to improve message delivery from their service centers.

    • Omni-channel communication with near-zero latency.
    • Better prospect targeting with understanding through real-time, detailed campaign reports.
    Message Delivery

    Leverage Airtel IQ Business Collaboration for seamless communications for your diverse workforce.

    • Plug and Play solution with PSTN integrated MS-Teams ensures connected workforce.
    • Mobile CLI improves pick up rate of customer service calls.
    • High scalability of user addition without incremental hardware costs in dealerships or factories.
    Unified Communications

    A leading automotive manufacturer leverages Airtel Managed SD-WAN to optimize their network.

    • One centralized box for network and firewall functions, reducing device reliance.
    • Optimize WAN, enhance security, and control everything centrally for efficient management.
    • Access cloud applications with flexibility and visibility.
    Agile Networks
    SD-WAN Lite
    Secure Internet
    Corporate Postpaid

    Products suited for your business needs

    Why Airtel for automotive sector?

    • Remote network scale

      Remote network scale

      With extensive 5G and fiber network availability, your fleet is connected wherever you go.

    • Cost-effective asset tracking

      Cost-effective asset tracking

      Industry leading IoT solution for real-time asset tracking significantly reduces operational expenses.

    • Delivery assurance

      Delivery assurance

      Our core connectivity strength ensures communication delivery better than anyone else.

    • Better network control

      Better network control

      Agile, reliable and secure SD-WAN networks with adjustments on the go.

    Customer success stories 

    youtube video

    MG Hector made smarter with Airtel IoT

    QuoteiSmart platform is the base of our entire internet solutions for MG Hector and the best choice was to have Airtel with us in the process.

    Gaurav Gupta
    Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motors, India
    youtube video

    Airtel’s intelligent connectivity helped Hero Motocorp increase sales

    QuoteAirtel provided a seamless, secure, and intelligent connectivity for 1000+ dealer locations resulting in increased customer satisfaction and elevated sales.

    youtube video

    Airtel IoT is the first choice for Revolt Motors

    QuoteWe are in the business of electric bikes, which is dependent on IoT and I don’t think there is a bigger name than Airtel for IoT.

    Atul Nigam
    Chief Information Officer, Revolt Motors

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