Fast-track your digital transformation with Airtel Private 5G for business

    A wireless, customizable private network can propel your business to the future, driving relentless automation and facility intelligence. Airtel Private 5G not only allows you to customize network to specific onsite requirements, but also offers real-time bandwidth control and watertight network security.

    Create smart factories for a competitive edge

    • Constant, dependable, and real-time communication between machines and humans.
    • Connect growing number of IoT devices, sensors, and machinery on the factory floor.
    • HD video transmission for inspection and quality control.
    5g for business

    Real-time information relay for safer work

    • Critical information access and real-time communication for enhanced safety.
    • Responsive frontline applications using AR and VR providing instant feedback.
    5g business internet

    Bring agility and automation into your inventory

    • Seamlessly adapt and expand smart inventory systems as needed.
    • Automate inventory management like robotic picking and sorting, reducing errors.
    5G business solutions

    Mirror the intricacies to elevate efficiency

    • Real-time communication between the physical systems and its digital twins.
    • Create more comprehensive and intricate digital replicas.
    business 5g internet

    Exclusive features of Airtel Private 5G for business

    • Enhanced Speed

      Enhanced speed

      Get faster wireless speed ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, with lower latency and reliable coverage.

    • Scalable Connectivity

      Scalable connectivity

      Connect a million devices/sq. km. and gain 3-5X higher spectrum efficiency.

    • Seamless Integration

      Seamless integration

      Synchronizes with existing infrastructure and is compatible with non 5G-enabled devices.

    Impact delivered with Airtel 5G for business

    • 99.5%


    • 24x7

      ubiquitous coverage with redundancy

    • 20-25

      milliseconds of reduced latency

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