A leading Indian bank boosted its transactional message delivery rate to nearly 100% with Airtel IQ Assured Delivery

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One of India’s leading private sector bank, renowned for its diverse array of financial products and services, uses Airtel IQ True Delivery to solve mounting customer grievances. The bank was struggling with untimely delivery and low delivery rate of crucial business communication to their customers. 

The Challenge 

The bank struggled with failure and delayed delivery of time sensitive service communication 

As users of the bank’s services, customers were not receiving critical messages like One-Time Passwords (OTPs) and transaction alerts on time. This caused a lot of confusion and frustration, leading to several users having unpleasant experiences while banking or using payment instruments for online purchases. While they had multiple SMS aggregator partners, the bank did not receive accurate information about number of messages delivered, message latency, and delayed & missed deliveries. Additionally, they were being charging for all messages sent, even if they did not reach the user.  To top this, limited channels for outreach added to the bag of problems! 

The bank needed to find a transparent, channel agnostic solution to ensure their customers receive important information on time. 

The Solution 

A transparent, omni-channel solution that assured delivery and near zero latency 

With Airtel IQ Assured Delivery, the bank found a solution that guaranteed omni-channel delivery of all critical communication.  How Airtel IQ True Delivery helps is, it establishes a first line of communication via SMS. If the user doesn’t receive the message within a stipulated time frame, the platform re-routes the delivery via calls. If the call isn’t answered, then message is then delivered via WhatsApp. The channel flow and timelines were tailored to suit the bank’s brief.  

A Dedicated MPLS connectivity between Customer DC/DR and Airtel’s DC/DR hosting the application was set up to provide enhanced security and control on the traffic, instead of the traditional approach of reaching the platforms through open internet.  

Powered by a DoT compliant, transparent & detailed reporting the bank had visibility on the actual number of messages delivered and incase of failure, they knew the reason for failure as well which ensured their users receive important information on time, leading to positive customer experience. 

The solution is in pilot phase with a few other leading banks as well as a large logistics company.  

The Impact 

Improved customer satisfaction and brand trust 

With Airtel IQ True Delivery, the bank experienced a significant improvement in its message delivery rate, ensuring that all communication reached their intended recipients. The bank saw a near 100% delivery through fall back mechanism on voice and whatsapp post SMS. 

Real time, transparent campaign analytics & DoT complaint reporting, enabled them to monitor and optimize their communication strategies effectively. With Airtel IQ True Delivery, the bank has streamlined its communication flow, which not only assures delivery but is also CERT-In, BIS, GDPR & ISO compliant.