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Is it Possible to Have Fast WiFi with Multiple Devices Connected?

Is it Possible to Have Fast WiFi with Multiple Devices Connected?


Sounds like a conversation you’ve been a part of this pandemic? You’re not alone.

When professionals and students were asked about the most common obstacle they had faced during the pandemic, their answer was unanimous: poor internet or a bad broadband connection.

With every new aspect of our lives moving swiftly to the digital space, the one thing that has become essential is access to a superfast broadband connection that supports multiple devices, such as Airtel Xstream Fiber.

Choose a right internet connection

If you need to connect multiple phones, laptops and devices to a single WiFi router, you must ensure that they function smoothly without internet breakage. Here are the points that you should consider before opting for a WiFi router, broadband connection, or fiber optic.

Number of connections permitted

While most WiFi routers and broadband connections claim to support about 20 devices simultaneously, ending up affecting the download speed and coverage, Airtel Xstream Fiber allows users to connect up to 64 devices!

How to ensure your internet connection does not fail you?

Installing a good broadband connection, fiber optic service, or WiFi router isn’t enough.

Here’s what you need.

  • Good Download speed: Numbers speak louder than words. With Airtel Xstream Fiber’s 1 Gbps plan, users get up to 1 Gbps download speed on a WiFi connection instead of 600 Mbps offered by most WiFi router services.
  • Antennas: Antennas contribute to the WiFi connection’s strength and ensure that consumers receive the best network and coverage. But, have you noticed how some corners in your house do not seem to have proper WiFi coverage, even though they are not too far away from the WiFi router? This could be because of the WiFi router’s antenna position. Walls and metallic surfaces usually block WiFi signals.

Airtel Xstream Fiber’s 1 Gbps WiFi router solves this problem with 6 antennas. That’s 4 more than a conventional WiFi router, allowing more devices to connect to the WiFi router seamlessly.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Delivered to your Doorstep

Scrolling, swiping, clicking, and dragging – the internet is all-important for carrying out daily functions. From ordering groceries and food to studying and working or watching movies and playing games, these all require the internet.

In a world where the one thing that is helping us maintain social connections while we maintain distance and stay safe is the internet. It is important to stay connected without losing speed. Airtel Xstream fiber comes across as a convenient option. It helps in keeping multiple devices connected to your WiFi router or broadband connection at high speed.

What are you waiting for? Get Airtel Xstream Fiber; stay connected and build connections.

Still have questions? Browse today.

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