Go Beyond Your Existing WAN-Connectivity with Airtel Intelligent VPN for Banks

Go Beyond Your Existing WAN-Connectivity with Airtel Intelligent VPN for Banks

Airtel Intelligent VPN for Banks

Banks have long dealt with challenges in adopting far-reaching technological transformations to offer all-inclusive connectivity. Why? Because today’s customers expect you to offer every financial service – ranging from transactions to personalised consultations – to be instant, secure and seamless. Ensuring the same in this fast-moving market relies greatly on bandwidth-intensive, customer-centric solutions that unify your branches across different cities and states.

But these digital solutions heavily depend on the efficiency and responsiveness of your connectivity infrastructure. Like customers want a flawless banking experience, your employees also need uninterrupted connectivity to collaborate with each other and run business-critical applications. In other words, as the expectations of your customer and employee evolve, so should your network infrastructure.

Move beyond traditional network infrastructures

Traditional multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) based wide area networks (WANs) typically backhaul all the traffic to a distant data-center even if it is destined for a site near your office. This results in increased latency, security risks, full-time network engineers to solve any outages and other network issues. The scalability challenges, higher cost and time constraints also pose by the hub-and-spoke design of such networks further hinder the implementation of new services or network upgrading. Hence, these outdated, difficult-to-scale and expensive-to-maintain network infrastructures can no longer keep up with the changing traffic flows and bandwidth demands.

However, public broadband might seem like a good alternative to provide you with higher bandwidth. But it cannot ensure the best levels of in-built security. The traditional WAN network system poses threats to your banking ecosystem with its multifaceted control points, which usually consist of numerous branches and remote sites.

MPLS-based WANs’ limited bandwidth support and security woes also affect multiple aspects in today’s digital world. It hinders online banking, ATMs, cloud-centric applications, disaster recovery, video conferencing, Wifi usage and other data center functions to reach their full potential, thereby causing negative impacts on customer experiences. These challenges must be addressed to keep up with the competition and simultaneously offer a high level of security, reliable network connectivity and impeccable communication.

Why SD-WAN? Why now?

While outdated network infrastructure hinders the digital transformation of your bank, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology can alleviate the challenges of modern networking and prepare your bank for the future. These intelligent infrastructures enable you to centrally manage and automate your network while providing visibility into your applications. SD-WAN enables you to handle your headquarters, branches, ATMs, cloud-based applications, and data center networks (even those that span the globe) with just a few clicks from a centralised dashboard. By integrating VPN tunnels, IPSec and firewalls, SD-WAN also enhances security and segments the flow of network traffic.

That said, SD-WAN can function with any underlying network service such as MPLS, broadband, or high-speed cellular networks such as 4G LTE and 5G. Therefore, it can seamlessly integrate with your existing WAN architecture. It can also ensure maximum uptime and the optimal network performance.

SD-WAN can easily manage all of your high bandwidth requirements using broadband networks and intelligent real-time routing features, that too at a fraction of the price. It can also prioritise the mission-critical applications on your network, reducing the chances of financial loss, downtime or customer dissatisfaction.

Experience the best of simple, flexible, reliable networks with Airtel Intelligent VPN

With SD-WAN, you get more than just network connectivity. It brings to you easy-to-scale and maintain network infrastructure that provides seamless user experiences on-demand and boosts your business growth. It also makes setting up and running new branch networks simpler and more cost-effective than ever before.

Airtel Intelligent VPN is an automated and centralised SD-WAN solution that uncovers the right intelligent connectivity for your banking business. Leveraging over 3,00,000 RKMs of Airtel’s fiber networks in India, this next-gen solution enhances business efficiency and streamlines traffic flow through dynamic load balancing, application prioritisation and transport neutrality.

Designed to mitigate a trombone effect and function on different connection types, Airtel Intelligent VPN scales with your business while covering your mission-critical applications with edge-to-edge encryption. Its single management plane makes it easy for you to monitor and manage the access privileges, improving operational efficiency on multiple devices spread across branches and data centers. Built on a strong foundation of strategic partner ecosystems and decades of experience in deploying reliable and future-ready WAN infrastructure, our SD-WAN expertise is all that you to power your enterprise network.

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