Brewing Efficiency: A leading Indian Coffee chain drives Always-On Connectivity with Airtel SD-WAN Lite

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A leading Indian coffee chain which is an Indian multinational chain of coffeehouses with over 250+ branches known for creating good coffee and great coffee experiences for its customers in terms of cafes set up all over the country.

Seeking to enhance operations, they plan to setup centralized monitoring across all their branches and also have all the elements of surveillance plugged in across the board.

The Challenge

The Rising Network woes: Hindering the customer’s operations & connectivity

The organization faced multiple challenges, including ineffective management of bandwidth across its branches, leading to potential inefficiencies and uneven network performance. Compounding this issue is the decentralized monitoring and management of devices, resulting in a lack of centralized oversight and control, which hampered operational efficiency. Moreover, there is a pressing need for a cost-effective solution tailored to the retail environment, where budget constraints may limit technological advancements.

Additionally, the requirement for surveillance through an IP-based Video Management System added complexity, demanding reliable and scalable infrastructure to support seamless monitoring and security across various locations. These challenges highlighted the customer’s need for comprehensive solutions to streamline operations and enhance performance in a distributed retail environment.

The Solution

Streamlining the entire network with SD-WAN Lite

Connecting over 200 stores through a managed WAN solution has significantly enhanced the organization’s operational efficiency and connectivity. The prioritization of business-critical applications ensures seamless performance across the network, facilitated by both wired and wireless connectivity options. Through the managed WAN, secure tunnels have been established, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality while maintaining higher uptime levels.

The best part? This comprehensive approach to network management not only prioritizes essential business functions but also provides a reliable and resilient infrastructure for sustained operations across the organization’s extensive network of stores

The Impact

Transforming the network: The coffee giant’s journey to cost savings, efficiency, and growth

Poor network performance and visibility issues are now, a thing of the past, thanks to the SD-WAN Lite implementation! The deployment has brought about a transformative impact on network management. With centralized monitoring, the company gained a comprehensive view of its network’s health and performance, ensuring efficient operations across the board.

By providing always-on connectivity, seamless access to critical resources was guaranteed, bolstering productivity and minimizing downtime. Additionally, the increased visibility of the network afforded better decision-making and proactive problem-solving, empowering the company to optimize performance and adapt to evolving needs effectively. Partnering with Airtel also brought in superior 24*7 customer experience to fix network problems on the go.