Building factories of the future: A leading Indian manufacturer spearheads Industry 4.0 with Airtel Private 5G

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A Pune based leading industrial group in India’s engineering sector is known for pioneering technology adoption, including SAP implementation and Digital Factory projects. They manufacture centrifugal pumps, engines, compressors, chillers, lathes, and electrical equipment like motors and transformers across subsidiaries.

Seeking to enhance operations, they plan to deploy a Private 5G network in their 165-acre manufacturing plant, with a focus on the 20-acre shop floor. Additionally, they aim to create Digital Twins across all group companies, underscoring their dedication to innovation.

The Challenge

The Rising latency & Network woes: Hindering the customer’s manufacturing operations

The organization faces challenges in deploying industrial automation and digitization use cases within their plant due to coverage and latency issues with their existing Wi-Fi network. These obstacles hinder their efforts to implement smart manufacturing initiatives effectively, impacting productivity and efficiency across their operations. Adding to that exists, poor control and visibility of the overall network which makes the overall productivity sub-optimal.

In essence, network infrastructure became a bottleneck, throttling their day-to-day manufacturing operations.

The Solution

Streamlining the entire network with Airtel Private 5G

The customer’s manufacturing automation concerns, characterized by latency issues and limited coverage, hindered both customer experience and operational agility. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they implemented Airtel’s Private 5G Network. Think of it as a game-changer, offering widespread coverage and faster connections with fewer delays. This means that the customer can set up advanced systems easily and expand them without trouble. With 5G, messages between devices are sent and received quickly, making automated tasks in factories and industries more reliable. Plus, it’s much faster than the previous 4G technology, opening up exciting opportunities for everyone involved.

The best part? Because 5G can handle many devices at once, it’s perfect for creating a world where machines and people can work together seamlessly, leading to new ideas and better ways of doing things in businesses, cities, and factories.

The Impact

Transforming the Private network: The bank’s journey to a Smart Manufacturer

Network coverage and latency issues are a thing of the past, thanks to the Private 5G implementation! The implementation has delivered significant benefits to the organization. With a remarkable 99.9% uptime guarantee and redundant coverage, the company now enjoys uninterrupted connectivity.

Additionally, the reduction in latency to 20-25 ms has improved network responsiveness, facilitating real-time communication. Moreover, the fool-proof connectivity of over 1500 devices for five years ensures reliability and longevity, setting a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.