Driving Efficiency: A leading Automobile Manufacturer marginally improves Dealer Connectivity with Airtel VPN

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One of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer, this Delhi based company was seeking to enhance their dealership efficiency and end-to-end connectivity across multiple locations and were focused on finding a partner which could help improve the customer experiences at their dealerships and other locations.

The Challenge

The Rising Network woes: Hindering the customer’s operations & customer experience

The organization faced several challenges emerged due to the lack of real-time updates on service concerns and inventory management being handled by dealers. Analyzing trends in product variants like model and color became difficult, impacting their ability to understand market demands effectively.

Additionally, maintaining records of spare parts, distinguishing between genuine and local, posed significant challenges. Also, without access to product lifecycle data, the company faced hurdles in planning for future models and managing existing ones efficiently. Addressing these issues became imperative for streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction across their product lines.

The Solution

Streamlining the entire network with Airtel VPN

They partnered with Airtel VPN to deploy end-to-end solutions clubbed with MPLS connectivity at all their sites, achieving seamless network integration and communication. The provision of Managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) ensures smooth operations at all the customer’ locations, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

Airtel’s fully managed network services, including ENOC (Enterprise Network Operations Center) management, has offered the customer, peace of mind with comprehensive oversight and support. There now exists, a holistic approach to network management, significantly streamlining their operations, enabling them to focus on core business objectives while ensuring a robust and dependable network infrastructure.

The Impact

Transforming the network and bringing in customer smiles: The manufacturer’s journey to cost savings, efficiency, and growth

Poor customer experience at dealerships is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Airtel VPN implementation! The implementation of real-time updates has resulted in a significant 30% increase in dealer productivity, enabling them to make quicker decisions and respond more effectively to market demands. With proper space and inventory management records in place, dealership operations have been optimized, minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency.

This meticulous approach has not only boosted productivity but has also instilled trust among customers, who now enjoy a consistent and reliable experience across all dealerships. By streamlining processes and enhancing customer satisfaction, dealerships have solidified their reputation for excellence, driving ongoing success and growth.