Revving Up Customer Experiences: A leading Automobile Manufacturer marginally improves showroom connectivity with Airtel Managed Wi-Fi

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A leading Indian Manufacturer facing connectivity issues in their showrooms affecting their sales teams and customer experiences due to showrooms being located in remote locations, was looking for a partner to empower its showrooms with seamless end-to-end connectivity

The Challenge

The Rising Network woes: Hindering the customer’s operations & customer experiences

Facing the absence of paperless and digital activation on their apps via tablets accessed on Wi-Fi, the company encounters challenges due to limited awareness of their apps and insufficient knowledge of trends and customer behavior through browsing patterns. Without the digital activation process, the company struggles to streamline operations and provide convenient services to customers. Furthermore, the lack of app awareness impedes their ability to effectively promote and utilize digital platforms.

Additionally, the company’s limited insight into browsing patterns restricts their understanding of customer preferences and inhibits targeted marketing strategies. Addressing these issues necessitates a concerted effort to implement digital activation methods, enhance app awareness, and gather comprehensive data on customer behavior, enabling the company to optimize their digital initiatives and improve customer engagement.

The Solution

Streamlining the entire network with Airtel Managed Wi-Fi

To meet business requirements, each showroom is now equipped with 3-4 Wi-Fi access points for extensive coverage. A hosted WLAN controller manages Wi-Fi authentication centrally, ensuring secure access across all locations.

Additionally, AAA servers hosted centrally enforce policies, guaranteeing consistent and reliable network performance. With managed internet connectivity centrally administered, the entire network infrastructure operates seamlessly, facilitating efficient operations and providing customers with reliable internet access throughout each showroom.

The Impact

Transforming the network and bringing in customer smiles: The manufacturer’s journey to cost savings, efficiency, and growth

Poor customer experience at showrooms is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Airtel Managed Wi-Fi implementation! The company experienced a notable 20% increase in sales executive productivity, attributable to streamlined processes and improved efficiency across dealerships. This uniform experience bolstered customer trust, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Moreover, leveraging customer behavior analysis facilitated by the standardized approach, the company gained valuable insights crucial for informed product research and development decisions. Combined, these impacts not only enhanced operational effectiveness but also positioned the company for sustained growth and innovation in response to evolving market demands.