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Enjoy All Blockbuster Hollywood Movies with Dolby Surround on your Phone or TV!

Hollywood movies date back more than a hundred years to 1903, when Hollywood began forming as an institution. Through these several decades of evolution, Hollywood movies have become famous throughout the globe. Particularly in India, English movies produced by Disney, Fox, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., and others have been quite popular. Moreover, through the recent advancements in sound and digital technologies, Indian movie theatres have been screening new Hollywood movies in Dolby surround sound. This has caught on so much that Indian audiences are now looking for similar immersive experiences at home. The wait is now over because all OTT platforms and even your regular TV channels bring the Dolby surround sound experience to your homes so that you can enjoy some of the highest-rated Hollywood movies in Hindi, and this can be facilitated by Airtel Xtream Box. Here are ten movies you can start watching right away:


This epic masterpiece of CGI cinematography that explores the depths of a fictional alien planet has become one of the most popular English movies of all time. Directed by the passionate and visionary James Cameron, this movie won multiple Oscars 11 years ago. Besides this movie immersing the audiences into a roller coaster of a journey through its dynamic plot and visual setting, it is also quite thought-provoking. It is available in Dolby surround sound on all OTT channels for you and your family to enjoy.


One of the best science fiction Hollywood movies, it depicts the story of a group of con-men who invade people’s subconscious minds to either steal ideas or implant them for ulterior motives. It is a nail-biting and mind-bending action and suspense-filled movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout. It is best viewed with Dolby surround sound for a more immersive experience.

The Father

This recent Hollywood film is a gripping tale of an aged father who refuses his daughter’s help at the end of his days. It has an emotional and peculiar form of storytelling that manages to keep audiences hooked till the end. It is essentially a story of how a woman loses her father even though he is still around, and it sheds light on the social effects of people suffering from delusion and dementia in their old age. You can experience this masterpiece of a modern English movie, and that too on Dolby surround sound because it is now available for streaming.


While most of us are familiar with the classic Batman villain, this movie combines the phenomenal acting skills of Joaquin Phoenix with the eerily realistic plot of a film that is set in an all too familiar Gotham City. It is one of the most controversial Hollywood movies, involving a variety of themes, and can be enjoyed with Dolby surround sound without stepping foot outside your home.

Avengers: Endgame

One of the most popular Hollywood movies to have ever hit the screens, this movie truly surpasses all measures of greatness. A culmination of 10 years of different movies involving different protagonists from the evergreen Marvel comics, this movie is indeed an epic finale and the end of an era. With several talented actors in the cast of this mega-movie, it is best viewed in full HD, and Dolby surround sound.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

While this movie may not immediately be identified as part of the larger Marvel cinematic universe, it is one of the biggest animated blockbuster hits of recent times. It is the story of Spider-Man, one of the most popular superheroes of our time, and his adventures with alternate versions of himself from parallel universes. The high-octane action of this movie makes it perfect for viewing with Dolby surround sound on all OTT platforms.

Deadpool 2

Yet another superhero movie from Marvel Studios, this movie is a sequel to the blockbuster hit ‘Deadpool’ and continues the story of the almost-immortal schizophrenic anti-hero Wade Wilson. This movie has several other characters from the X-Men universe in an action-packed comedy that even features time travel! Without a doubt, the characters in this movie really come to life when viewed with Dolby surround sound.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D

This is an age-old classic that features the fantastic acting of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of the original Terminator. The story picks up from where the prequel left off and features an adolescent, John Connor, and his future wife being chased by a new version of the Terminator that can now shape-shift into any form. Remastered in 3D and Dolby surround sound, this is a perfect watch for a thrilling family night.


Hollywood movies have often used the grueling setting of the First and Second World Wars to tell powerful stories of the struggles of soldiers. Dunkirk is one such life-altering tale of the rescue of Allied soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk in France during the Second World War. This movie gives viewers a peek into the chaos and tensions of the battlefield, and you can get a fully immersive experience when watching it in Dolby surround sound.


The tale of a boy named Saroo has been perfectly depicted in this movie linked to India. It narrates the sad story of a young boy who gets lost on a train and separated from his family at an early age. Twenty-five years after being adopted by an Australian couple, he now seeks to find his original family in this marvellous piece of storytelling made even grander with Dolby surround sound.

Where can you watch these Hollywood movies?

The above list of English movies has been handpicked for you and made available on major OTT platforms that people usually subscribe to. Many of these movies are regularly played on TV channels as well.

In fact, you can now gain access to all of these with your subscription to the Airtel Xstream Box and enjoy them on your LCD TV or phone. Apart from this, you can also access several other popular OTT platforms using the Airtel Xstream box and browse through the massive offering of online English movies and web series. The best part about the Airtel Xstream Box is that you can easily convert your regular LCD TV into a smart Android TV by simply plugging in the Airtel Xstream Box. This gives you the facility to watch movies, web series, and other TV shows in high resolution and highly immersive Dolby surround sound.

You can catch all your favorite Hollywood movies in Hindi and get the benefits of 2 or more Airtel services rolled into one with Airtel Black!