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Sony TV old serials list

List of Popular Old TV Shows & Serials on Sony


Indian TV shows have always been popular among people from all age groups and backgrounds. With the introduction of cable television in India, we have seen many new channels come up with their own unique programming, which includes dramas, comedies, sports programs, etc. The increasing popularity of these shows has led to a rise in demand for DTH services as well. Just like our TV screens are getting bigger, so is the world becoming smaller for us thanks to technology.

The first thing that should be mentioned here is that entertainment is important. We all need it because life can sometimes get monotonous, so we need something exciting in our lives to keep us going. The next point worth mentioning is that good entertainment should be fun and uplifting as well; no one wants their time wasted by watching something boring or depressing all day long. Finally, good entertainment needs to be enjoyable; otherwise, why would anyone watch it in the first place? And what can give you more fun than watching your old favourite TV shows?

There are many old TV shows that have been popular in the past. Some of them have continued to gain popularity even after they were taken off the air. Channels such as Colors TV Channel, Star Channels, Zee TV Channels, and even Sony, have always been amongst us.

Back then, Sony TV aired some of the best TV serials. So, to give you some nostalgia, let’s take a look at some of Sony TV’s old serials.

Sony TV Old Serials List

If you’re a die-hard fan of television entertainment, then you are surely aware of the fact that there are many popular shows on Sony that you can enjoy watching. However, if you’ve been wondering what these shows are and whether or not they’re worth watching, this article will give you all the information that is needed. So, let’s get started with Sony TV’s all-old serials list.

Dil Vil Pyar Vyar

Dil Vil Pyar Vyar is Sony’s laugh-out-loud comedy show. The story revolves around two colleges; one is an all-boys engineering college, and the other is an all-girls dance college. The boys were always looking for a chance to talk to the girls, but they rarely got lucky. The girls were perfect in ignoring the boys as hard as they could. And after all this, one day, one of the boys’ characters, Sanjay decided to get into the girls’ college. So, he dressed like a girl, wore make-up and transformed himself into Sanjana. Already smiling? There’s more, but we can’t tell you everything. Go watch it and laugh out loud!


Are you a fan of horror shoes? If yes, then Aahat is the best old Sony TV show for you. It first premiered on 5th October 1995. However, the first season was mostly a crime thriller-whodunit with occasional episodes on the supernatural. But after the first season, Aahat focussed on ghosts, undead people, witches, and black magic. It is a must-watch show.


Chamatkar is the story of a man, played by Farookh Sheikh. He is not deaf but has difficulty in listening. He has an interesting power, wherein he has the ability to hear a conversation from miles away. He also has an assistant Makodi, and they make for a nice pair. The show is a perfect comedy series that you would love to watch.

Sony TV old serials list

Ye Shadi Nahi Ho Sakti

This is another comedy show on Sony TV that deserves a mention. In the show, a man named Golcha wants to get bankrupt because he doesn’t want to pay taxes. Sounds funny? Surprisingly, whatever he did to lose money, he gained more profit. However, Golcha’s daughter wants to marry a guy, but he doesn’t approve of the wedding. That’s why the serial has the name ‘Ye Shadi Nahi Ho Sakti’.


Taak-Jhaank is a comedy show that’s featured in a society where many families lived together. In the serial, every family member has his/her own story. This series was telecast between the years 1995 and 1999. The character ‘Ghosh Babu’ is one of the most famous ones in the serial. It is a must-watch show for some fun and lovely stories.


There are many good shows on Sony TV. It is a channel that has produced some of the most popular and iconic serials of our time. It also has other genres, such as reality shows, sitcoms, and dramas. I hope this blog post was helpful in giving you an idea of what to expect from this channel. Now, if you are looking for an ideal set top box for your entertainment, then choosing Airtel is the best way out for you.

Airtel has a massive variety of DTH offers. Try out Airtel DTH today, watch Sony TV old serials and see the magic yourself!

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