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Top 4 Postpaid Plans Favourite Amongst the Youth of India

In the world of users who mainly opt for prepaid plans, Airtel postpaid connections are becoming a hit among the youth. It is primarily due to its attractive advantages, some of which include unlimited talk time services, free access to the coolest apps, hassle-free bill payments, etc. With these benefits, these postpaid plans have certainly become an irresistible option for many people, especially the young generation.

So, let us help you understand some of our top-rated mobile postpaid plans that are a popular choice among the youth:

Airtel Postpaid Plan @ Rs. 399/month

If you’re someone looking for basic calling and texting services, this is the best postpaid plan for you! Why? Well, it allows you to make unlimited calls to your near and dear ones from anywhere. And hey, it also lets you send over 100 SMS per day!

Besides the unlimited calls and texts, this postpaid plan also offers 40 GB data with rollover.

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Airtel Postpaid Plan @ Rs. 499/month

It is another great option for all the regular texters and callers. That’s correct! This postpaid plan allows you to make unlimited local/STD, and roaming calls and send at least 100 SMS every day along with other benefits, such as:

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Airtel Postpaid Plan @ Rs. 999/month

Under this plan, you can cover your parents or siblings too. Yes, you read that correctly. It offers two family add-on connections, which lets you include your loved ones under a single plan.

With this plan, you will receive some attractive benefits, such as:

  • 150 GB data with rollover
  • 3 free family add-ons
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD/roaming calls
  • Amazon Prime & Disney+ Hotstar subscription
  • Handset protection

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Airtel Postpaid Plan @ Rs. 1499/month

Now, this one is quite a hit among the younger crowd! You know why? That’s simply because it covers multiple things under a single roof.

Let’s look at what it has in store:

  • One regular and 4 free family add-on connections
  • Unlimited local/STD/roaming calls
  • 100 SMS every day
  • 200 GB data with rollover
  • Amazon Prime subscription
  • Handset protection
  • Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription
  • Netflix standard subscription

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The above-mentioned options are the best postpaid plans for the younger generation. With our Airtel, every teenager can accomplish the following online activities with relative ease:

Stream Online Content

With Airtel, millennials can watch online movies, web series, live videos, and so forth. Thanks to our subscriptions to Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar!

With these OTT subscriptions, teenagers can stream content from their exclusive library of Hollywood and Bollywood films and series. So, get our postpaid plans that offer free subscriptions to popular OTT platforms to enjoy a binge-watching session all day long!

Use Social Media

You can now access the coolest social media apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, etc. with superfast internet speed. Thanks to our best postpaid plans!

With our plans, you can spend hours sharing tweets, posts, videos, messages, and images with your friends.

Stay connected with friends

Another reason why our postpaid plans are such a hit amongst the youth is due to the unlimited calling facility. That’s correct!

With our plans, teenagers can talk non-stop to their buddies via calls and messages. So, choose only those pack options that allow you to make unlimited calls and send over 100 SMS per day. This way, you can stay in touch with your near and dear ones at all times!

Protect their Cellular Devices

Mobile security is no longer a major concern among teenagers. Thanks to our Airtel postpaid plans!

Our postpaid plans provide an additional benefit of handset protection. With this, everyone, especially teenagers can secure their mobile phones against accidental or liquid damages. Interesting, right? So, claim the handset protection benefits immediately after purchasing our postpaid plan.

Access Information Over the Internet

Today, teenagers and young adults can access information over the internet with relative ease using the internet data provided under our postpaid plans.

So, if you’re looking forward to upskilling yourself using our postpaid plans, check out those options that offer a maximum data limit. For instance, look for plans with 500 GB data as it’ll ensure you never run out of it while taking up online classes and certification courses on your smartphones.

Now that you know how our postpaid plans make every teenager’s life easier, see to it that you buy it after understanding your needs. For instance, if you’re looking forward to buying a plan solely for entertainment purposes, choose the plan that provides OTT benefits and a maximum data limit.

After understanding your requirements, choose a postpaid plan and purchase it using the following two methods:

Method #1: Airtel Website

Buying our postpaid plans from the website is quite simple. So, come, let us help you understand how to easily avail a postpaid plan with these six steps:

  • Visit the Airtel website
  • Head over to the postpaid section
  • Go to the ‘Buy new connection’ option
  • Choose the plan of your choice
  • Submit your personal details, such as name, number, and city
  • Complete the payment process

Method #2: Airtel Thanks

Another simple way to purchase our postpaid plans is through Airtel Thanks. So, let us help you understand how to do so with these eight steps:

  • Visit the Play store or iOS store to download Airtel Thanks on your smartphone
  • Install the app
  • Open the app and go to the ‘Services’ tab
  • Click ‘Buy Airtel Postpaid’
  • Select the postpaid plan of your choice
  • Enter your name, number, and residential address
  • Press ‘Continue’
  • Complete the purchase by making the payment

Airtel postpaid plans cater to every teenager and young adult’s needs. It helps them meet their daily activities with relative ease. So, what are you waiting for? Choose between our best postpaid plans today and make your life easier too. Hurry!