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VoLTE full form

What is VoLTE and How Does it Work?


Most of us are engrossed on our smartphones through the day. But have you ever stopped from your daily activities, and truly understood this piece of tech that powers your smartphone? If you take a moment, you would be amazed to understand the sheer scale and computing power that these tiny devices possess. On top of that, internet connectivity makes them even more able.

Now that we have mentioned the internet, it is impossible to talk about without mentioning 4G. As the name would suggest, 4G is the fourth iteration or generation of mobile data, which provides incredible mobile internet speed, better calls, and seamless connectivity. Along with 4G, comes the VoLTE network, and that is where things tend to get a little more interesting. Keep reading to fully understand what VoLTE network represents, and how it benefits you.

What is VoLTE network?

Before we go deeper into what is VoLTE, let’s have a look at the basics first. The full form of VoLTE is Voice over LTE, which can be further broken down into Voice over Long Term Evolution. Now, in layman terms, VoLTE can be considered as LTE based high speed communication that is supported via wireless technologies. In today’s times, VoLTE has become quite standard.

If you consider VoLTE tech with the previous generation, i.e., 3G, then you will realise that the current gen has almost thrice the power. With more data and voice capacity prowess, you will also get to use lesser bandwidth. Now, you are probably thinking that all this advanced tech will definitely mean that you will have to pay a premium for it? Thankfully, that is not the case. Instead, prices for your 4G or VoLTE enabled SIM cards will still be the same. Your calls, SMS, data packs – all these factors will also remain unchanged.

Hence, if your curiosity of what is VoLTE in mobile does lead you to get an upgrade, you will get more benefits. Meanwhile, you will also be getting rid of the slower 3G network and understand what true internet speed really is. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for you.

How does VoLTE work?

The VoLTE technology is based upon the IMS framework, which stands for IP multimedia subsystem. Here, the service makes use of data flows via a common IP based interface. This interface can choose to utilise a circuit switched voice network. However, it does not completely rely on it.

Here’s an example that will help you understand how this technology works. Let’s say, you have a smartphone that is VoLTE enabled via a prepaid SIM card. You place a normal call to your friend from this SIM. Now, in an ideal case, the VoLTE network will be used to place the phone call. However, there can also be instances wherein you may have wandered or travelled to an area where network coverage is not as good. Probably, a rural region. Here, the VoLTE network will automatically revert back to a legacy circuit switch. This process is known as SRVCC, which stands for Single Radio Voice Call Continuity.

Which phones or mobile networks will support VoLTE?

Before you make a VoLTE call, it is necessary that you have all the right systems in place. You will need a proper SIM card, prepaid or postpaid, with an effective plan. You will also need a smartphone, as a basic feature phone will not do. The smartphone also needs to have specific firmware that allows it to make the VoLTE calls. Modern smartphones have the tech to provide you with enough firepower to help you make these calls, and more.

You can get a new SIM card from any telecom service provider and you can stay assured that the network will support VoLTE. Telecom companies already shifted to LTE technology while implementing 4G networks, hence they automatically support VoLTE.

What are the VoLTE benefits?

Now that we have more or less covered what this tech is, in mobile network, let us have a closer look at its various benefits.

Massive Boost to Call Quality

One of the biggest benefits of getting VoLTE is the superior call quality that will certainly blow you away. Even more so, if you are coming from a past generation of mobile network, like 2G or 3G. Since LTE paves the way for faster and greater data transfer, it is quite obvious that it has better network. To put it simply, you get an HD call experience. Therefore, both you and the call receiver are able to hear each other better, and the overall tone of voice is also transmitted more efficiently than ever before.

Increases Connectivity Too

VoLTE calls are not just better in quality. Instead, they can also help you establish a connection faster than the previous generations. Upgrading to VoLTE will also provide you to have greater coverage. Even in the remote areas where you do not get 4G VoLTE, you will still be able to use 2G or 3G networks to place phone calls. This, in turn, points out to a significant increase in mobile phone coverage for you.

Works seamlessly with Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is a big boon to people who have irregular cell phone reception at their homes. Why the reception at home is bad can have a slew of reasons, but that should not be any reason for you to keep suffering. Wi-Fi calling helps eliminate exactly that, by making use of your broadband connection to place a phone call, wirelessly. Thankfully, 4G VoLTE calls work with Wi-Fi calling extremely well too. Hence, if you are ever midway through a phone call and notice that the Wi-Fi network is flattering a wee bit, then the VoLTE can very easily take over.

Thus, we hope that you do now understand what VoLTE really is all about. At the end of the day, mobile phones and mobile networks are all about convenience. This tech is just another right step, in that direction.

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