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What is Wi-Fi calling and how does it work?

The cellular network has been advancing and increasing its reach to a lot of remote areas. Still, there are many places where you will only get one or two network bars in your phone. Unfortunately, human beings are dependent on staying connected and online for doing anything and everything. A smartphone connected to high-speed internet is like an extended arm for our bodies. Now can you imagine calling someone without any cellular network or even a sim card? Well, we did the research for you! It’s called Wi-Fi calling! Before taking up Wi-Fi calling to call up your loved one or business, you need to conduct a Google search for ‘my internet speed’ to know the speed of the connection in order to place a good quality call.

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Before enabling this cool feature on your phone, let’s understand more about the tech!

What is Wi-Fi calling?

To answer your simple question ‘what is Wi-Fi calling’ –  as the name suggests is a way of placing calls to another user without using the traditional cellular network. It uses the nearest Wi-Fi or broadband connection. It is similar to a voice service. The feature is available for both Android and Apple phones.

Even if you are not in a remote place but just trying to take a call in a dead spot of your house, these calls really help you a lot. We all know about those spots in our homes. One side of a bedroom or your washroom, if you are on call in such dead spots, with enabled Wi-Fi calling feature your call will not drop or get cut.

Points to be noted

  1. Given that a Wi-Fi connection’s range is limited to 150 Ft. or 46 m indoors and 300 Ft. or 92 m indoors for a router operating on 2.4 GHz.  As long, as you stay in this range and preferably near the router, you call quality will be extremely seamless!
  2. The call or message history (be it for regular or online calls) is displayed in the usual call and message log.
  3. As long, as your network is fine, you won’t notice any difference between a regular and a Wi-Fi call.
  4. Most of the time, Wi-Fi calling is a free service.
  5. You don’t need to have an additional number.

How does Wi-Fi calling work?

It works in a similar way to a VoIP application. Let’s understand it works and how to use Wi-Fi calling.

VoIP application

A VoIP application or Voice over IP application uses Voice-over-Internet-protocol technology to make calls by using a broadband connection rather than a phone line. The same technology with minor differences is used for Wi-Fi calling.

To give context, the cellular data packets are transmitted using VoIP technology to the internet. The transmission takes place using the router. Post that, the data packets are sent to the cellular network and then to the receiving or answering party.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling?

The basic need for a Wi-Fi call is high-speed internet. Choose Airtel Xstream Fiber for quality calls and 1Gbps speed with unlimited data.

Most of the latest Android phones offer to call using your wireless connection as a feature. Some models still don’t offer the same. Do check the specifications for your phone’s model number to know more.

Let’s learn how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your Android or Apple phone.

Enable Wi-Fi calling on your Android phone

  1. Head over to the Settings option of the phone. You can do so by pulling down the notifications shade and tapping on the settings icon.
  2. Head over to the advanced settings option under Wi-Fi settings. Each model has a different layout. This is just an example.
  3. Tap on the Wi-Fi calling option. You will see a toggle next to it. If you have two sims, you will get options to enable Wi-Fi for both primary and secondary sim. Just slide the toggle to turn or enable Wi-Fi calling for the primary or secondary sim.

Now whenever there’s a bad network in your house and you are connected to your Wi-Fi, your call will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi. Airtel Xstream Fiber’s high-speed and stable internet ensures no disruptions during calls.

Enable Wi-Fi calling on your Apple phone:

  1. Head over to the ‘Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Find the ‘Phone’ tab and tap on it.
  3. Then, find the ‘Wi-Fi call’ option.
  4. Tap on the slider to turn the feature on for your primary and/or secondary sim.

Note: Apple started supporting Wi-Fi calls after iPhone 5C. Any other models released before 5C don’t support the same.

Similarly, you can also disable the feature for both devices.

Now that you know how to do Wi-Fi calling and how it works, go ahead and conduct an internet search for the internet near me to compare the best high-speed internet plans. You will finally get office-like high-speed internet at home with Airtel Xstream fibre. Head over to the broadband page on Airtel’s website to know more!