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Which is the Best Internet Connection for Your Home – Airtel Xstream Fiber

Which is the Best Internet Connection for Your Home – Airtel Xstream Fiber

With the pandemic launching itself unannounced, a lot has changed in our lives. We have been forced to adapt to the new normal and assimilate changes on personal and professional fronts. It has further coaxed us to stay home for the whole or most part of the day, with our only means of access to the outside world being the internet and television.

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Needless to say, school and office work has also been shifted within the four walls of our humble residence. Kids and adults are now using the internet more often, and that too for contingent purposes, thus called for a faster and more dependable internet connection for home.

To fuel this very need, Airtel has recently launched the Airtel Xstream Fiber Internet connection. It equips the fiber net technology and is a far better upgrade over your regular broadband connection.

Read on to know why the Airtel Xstream Fiber is the best internet connection for homes:

What is Airtel Xstream Fiber?

Airtel Xstream Fiber is a reliable and affordable internet connection for home. With the increased number of people working from home, and schools and colleges relying on online classes, an unlimited broadband connection is much needed. And providing you with the best option for the same is Airtel with the Xstream Fiber internet connection for home.

The service equips innovative fiber optic technology to provide high-speed internet. It promises up to 1 Gbps of speed along with improved functionality. To put it otherwise, with the use of optic cables over regular cables, the broadband connection can transmit data at breakneck speeds with reduced downtimes, thereby enabling you to work or browse the internet efficiently.

Reasons why the Airtel Xstream Fiber is the best internet connection for home

The main issues that users face when working from home are – low internet speeds, downtimes, and longer timelines for query resolution. In the absence of reliable internet, they are forced to rely on mobile data, which is also undependable in many instances. To effectively counter these problems, the Airtel Xstream comes with the following features[1]:

High-speed WiFi plans

One of the biggest USPs of the Airtel Xstream Fiber is the range of tariff plans that it offers. Fit for regular use and super high speed, each of the plans offers anywhere between 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps of speed. You no longer need to worry about internet lags or think before downloading movies/videos simultaneously while working or attending online classes.

WiFi calling

Tired of moving around your house to catch mobile networks? Bid adieu to plunging over windows and balconies with enhanced WiFi calling. With Airtel Xstream Fiber, you can enjoy superior indoor coverage in every nook and corner and make calls on WiFi for no additional charges.

Unlimited data

Resort to WiFi calling, streaming movies and series carefree with Airtel Xstream Fiber. With unlimited data, make the most of staying connected with your loved ones virtually, enjoying binge-worthy entertainment, interruption-free. Upload and download files seamlessly without any limits.

24×7 Customer support

Facing internet troubles late at night and wondering how to email that urgent document now? Get all your internet troubles resolved with 24×7 customer support from Airtel. With Airtel Xstream Fiber, skip the waiting time and have all your queries answered during any time of the day.

Smart routers and proactive network resolution

How about a router that auto-detects internet issues? With the Airtel Xstream Fiber connection, it is possible. The broadband comes with auto-troubleshooting routers that can detect an issue and even fix it in most cases. The service further offers proactive network resolution and 24×7 priority customer support to resolve internet downtimes at a faster rate.

Secure internet

With everyone from kids to adults now using the internet, the need for a secure digital experience is felt more than ever. The Airtel Xstream Fiber connection offers four security profiles, namely virus protection, child-safe, study mode, and work mode, that help you restrict specific content categories at specific times. This ensures better work productivity and lets you exercise efficient parental control when your child is browsing the internet.

Exclusive benefits

Since our entertainment options are also restricted to home amid the pandemic, our OTT consumption has increased drastically. This, however, has meant added costs and the hassle of handling multiple subscriptions. Not with Airtel Xstream Fiber, though! The broadband offers you exclusive benefits such as free or discounted subscriptions to apps such as Amazon Prime, Zee5, Disney + Hotstar, Wynk Music, and more.

How to Get Airtel Xstream Fiber?

High-speed internet is no more a luxury, it is a necessity in today’s time. To enjoy the best internet connection for home, get the Airtel Xstream Fiber Plan today! At present, the service is available in four options starting from Rs. 499, Rs. 799, Rs. 999, and Rs. 1499 per month.

If you wish to have a customised experience and enjoy exclusive privileges, join Airtel Black and create your own plan where you can pick a service of your choice, plus get 30 free days when you add a new fiber, DTH or Postpaid connection.