Install CCTV camera at home – Detailed Guide

install CCTV camera

Install CCTV camera at home – Detailed Guide

The safety of your house is of prime concern, what with the increasing crimes happening around the world. Indeed, this brings us to security cameras. If you are truly thinking about your family’s safety, then getting a security camera system for home makes a lot of sense. Plus, having an upgraded set of security cameras definitely do not hurt. And why would you even think about taking chances when you can be safer with help of a camera. So, do you want to know how to install CCTV camera at home? Here is our blog that will help you understand how to install CCTV at home. Keep reading!

How to install CCTV camera step-by-step

Here is the step-by-step analysis to help you understand how to install CCTV camera.

Step 1: Prepare your home

Before you embark upon the journey where you got lost between hundreds of CCTV camera options, you have to understand something else. The most important thing about getting the CCTV camera is that you are concerned about your home’s safety. Based on this fact, it is equally necessary that you remain aware of what are your needs. You need to know which are the right angles where you should install the security camera on.

To do so, firstly, you should draw out a rough diagram of your home. Next, you will have to prioritise the areas where you wish to keep an eye. Once this is done, look around the surrounding areas and check if the camera’s angles are getting blocked by anything around. You could either plan to remove the furniture that is blocking the angle, or you could also look at some other places to put the camera. This is up to you. The camera should always have the best possible view, keep that in mind.

Here are some of the places where you might want to place the camera: your home’s front or back doors, windows, common spaces, stairways, the driveway outside your house, outside the garage and more.

Step 2: Buy the right set of cameras to install CCTV at home

After the planning is complete, it is also quite important that you look for the right set of cameras. Sure, you will find a wide variety of CCTV cameras once you start looking. But how do you zero in on the right set of cameras? You should remember that all homes aren’t similar. This only means that what you might have seen at a friend’s house, and what you have seen at yours, could be vastly different. Hence, you need to have the right set of cameras.

Furthermore, where you are placing the camera could also play a key role. For example, if you want to place the camera on a table or a piece of furniture, then a sticky camera should work well for you. On the other hand, you could also get a 360-degree CCTV security camera for home if you want to place it on the ceiling.

Understand what you need for the perfect CCTV installation solution

Thereby, at the end of the day, it is important to know what you want and what solutions you have at hand. Now, all this could end up being slightly overwhelming for you. We understand. Hence, here at Airtel Xsafe, we provide you with a complete end to end solution for enhancing your home’s security. You don’t need to install CCTV camera for home anymore!

Choose Airtel Xsafe and go worry free

Airtel Xsafe plan comes in and saves the day for you. With Xsafe, you get the very best in class security cameras for your home- from indoor to outdoor. These wifi enabled security cameras are also equipped with plenty of features. Here’s a look into some of them, which makes Airtel Xsafe amazing:

  1. Full HD video recording, so that you can say goodbye to grainy footage
  2. Night vision recording that gives you visibility up to 12 metres
  3. Person detection and motion detection
  4. Two-way talk to ease out communication from both sides
  5. Smart tracking
  6. A privacy shutter
  7. Live view footage from your smartphone
  8. Lesser data consumption, even with higher video quality and more.

Look into our sticky cam, 360 degree cam and the active defence camera to get further clarity about their features and benefits.

Interested in what you see? Get in touch with the Airtel Xsafe representatives and get your security camera today. Get the complete package of security cameras from us and redefine home security. Your peace of mind is now on us!

Protect your home

  • 360° coverage with smart tracking and privacy shutter to give you piece of mind

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  • Armed with two powerful spotlights, Active defence camera works around the clock to keep you protected and connected

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