What is a two-way audio camera?

What is a two-way audio camera?

What is a two-way audio camera?

Security systems today are much more advanced than traditional CCTV cameras. Surveillance cameras today are not only Wi-Fi-enabled but also come with features like motion sensing, intelligent mode, and two-way talk feature.

Our other articles talk about various aspects of a good surveillance system in detail. Today, we will focus on the 2 way audio cameras and their significance for your home security system. Let’s get started.

What is two-way audio?

People often confuse two-way audio cameras with traditional intercom systems. Two-way audio cameras allow users to communicate back and forth (speak and listen) directly through HD video cameras.

A two way audio camera has an excellent microphone and a good speaker. Both the microphone and speaker are in-built. These cameras are often Wi-Fi enabled and come with a reliable power source.

It is highly suggested by security experts to look for the two way audio feature in all your security cameras. Wondering why?


A two way audio camera comes with many benefits. Let’s explore them in detail.


Benefits of a two-way camera

A two way audio camera can add an extra layer of security. Here’s how.

Communicate with your children

We all know how heartbreaking it can be for new parents to leave their kids at home and go to work. A two way audio camera can help parents always keep an eye on their kids and talk to them regularly to keep a check.

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Monitor caretakers/nanny

Leaving your house and kids to someone requires a certain level of trust. Doesn’t matter how dependable your kids’ nanny or home caretaker is, a security camera with a two-way talk feature can help you monitor better. You can also use the camera’s two way talk feature to give instructions to the caretaker or nanny.

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Prank your pets

Our furry buddies might feel bored and get into destructive self-adventures! With a two way audio camera, you can keep your pets engaged by calling their name, saying their favourite words, etc. You can also use the recorded feed of your confused pet to share with your friends and family. Moreover, you can also command your pets to not go near the electrical wires or in the kitchen.

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Instruct delivery person

If your outdoor security camera has the two-way talk feature, you can use the same to instruct a delivery person to place your order safely. In case you are not home, you can ask the delivery person to hand over your parcel to the next-door neighbour or keep it near your home in a secured space.

Thwart intruders

A two way audio camera can also be used to scare away any uninvited suspicious strangers. A loud alarming sound from the camera is sure to scare any intruder away from your home, keeping it safe. You can also send the recorded version of the feed to the concerned authorities for legal intervention.

The two-way talk feature ideally should be present in all indoor cameras. Airtel Xsafe indoor security cameras are equipped with a two-way talk feature.

Top two-way audio cameras by Airtel Xsafe

Airtel Xsafe offers two different indoor cameras with a two-way talk feature. The best two-way audio security camera depends on your specific security needs.

360o Camera

The 360 indoor cameras by Airtel Xsafe leave zero blind spots. The camera is Wi-Fi and ethernet enabled. It offers night vision up to 10 meters. The camera comes with an in-built alarm and a privacy shutter. The two-way talk feature can help you monitor your home and communicate easily.

The cctv 360 camera costs Rs. 2,999 after a 57% discount.

Sticky Camera

The Sticky indoor camera by Airtel Xsafe comes with a magnetic base and offers multiple mounting options. This Xsafe camera is also Wi-Fi enabled and has night vision, an in-built alarm, and a privacy shutter. The Sticky camera too offers a two-way talk feature.

The Sticky Camera costs Rs. 2,499 after 50% off.

These cameras can be bought along with the Airtel Xsafe Plan which offers users a full-fledged home monitoring service.

The Xsafe service plan includes:

  • Cloud service powered by AI
  • Ability to retrieve and watch HD videos (stored in Airtel cloud) on Airtel Xsafe mobile app
  • 1080p recording
  • 24/7 alerts on the app
  • Talk & Listen feature in the camera

To know more about the plan and Airtel Xsafe security cameras, you can consult our experts for free. All you need to do is head to Airtel Xsafe’s website, enter your full name, number, and city details, and book a consultation.

You will be contacted by security experts to understand your home surveillance needs. Secure home, happy lives!

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