Night vision Security cameras

Night vision cctv camera

Night vision Security cameras

Your home security is a 24×7 job. So, you need a security system that works around the day and night to keep away intruders and protect your home efficiently. One of the crucial parts of a security system is an outdoor security camera.

Your journey of securing your home should start with an outdoor camera that can capture photos and videos even at night. Almost all outdoor cameras in the market offer night vision, but only a few incorporate the latest night vision technology for a clearer coloured picture of the feed. Finding the best night vision camera can be confusing for many.

This blog will help you understand some of the features you need to look out for before choosing an outdoor or indoor camera with night vision technology for your home. We will also talk about the features of Airtel Xsafe’s night vision cameras in detail.

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Best Night Vision Security Cameras

There are three different cameras in the Airtel Xsafe product line. All three cameras come with night vision technology. Let’s look at the features of these cameras in detail.

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 Indoor 360o Cam

The 360o Camera offers the promise of zero blind spots. It covers the feed in full H and is Wi-Fi enabled. The camera also has a two-way talk feature along with motion and person detection.

Night Vision – With advanced infrared LED lights, see up to 10 metres in complete darkness.

Pricing – Rs. 2,999 only

Outdoor Active Defence Cam

The Active Defence Cam is the best night-vision security camera in India. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and has person/motion detection features. The feed is recorded in HD by this waterproof outdoor camera. The Active Defence Cam is effective in scaring away intruders with two powerful spotlights.

Night Vision – Colour Night Vision and Black & White vision up to 30 metres. AI-controlled Intelligent mode to switch between coloured and B/W feed to save storage and bandwidth.

Pricing – Rs. 4,499 only

Indoor Sticky Cam

The Sticky cam is an indoor camera flexible with a wide-angle lens and magnetic base. It is compact and can blend in with the surroundings easily. Like other security cameras, Sticky cam is also Wi-Fi enabled and supports person/motion detection. The camera offers a two-way talk feature too.

You can know more about these best night-vision cameras by booking a free consultation with our Xsafe security camera experts. Head to our website to book a demo now! Think secure homes, think Airtel Xsafe.

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