Intrinsic Strengths to
Deliver Value


We are building on our core strengths to accelerate our business growth and seek new vistas of opportunities to deliver on our stakeholder commitments' and thrive in the digital era.

Well positioned in key growth markets

Over 324 Mn people repose their trust in our brand everyday across Asia and Africa. These continents have vast potential with huge aspirational population, growing economic strength and demographic advantage. India, one of Asia's major economies, has 73% mobile penetration while that of Africa is 63%, leaving significant headroom for growth. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh also have considerable opportunities for market penetration.

Leadership in India
In 17 circles of the total 22 circles (rank 1 or 2) in India with average RMS of 36.4% in these circles
Leadership in Africa
Through organic as well as in-country acquisitions we are #1 or #2 in 14 markets in Africa

A global
talent pool

Our people strengthen the differentiation of our brand. They are curious to learn, drive innovation and willing to seek new opportunities to anticipate and lead change.

People Strength

In India and South Asia
In Africa

Large customer base with
segmented focus

We are catering to a diverse customer cross-section across geographies, providing a range of solutions and emerging as an end-to-end global telecom company.

239.5 Mn+
Customers in India
76.3 Mn+
Customers in Africa
8.6 Mn+
Customers in South Asia (Sri Lanka and Bangladesh)

Large residual opportunity with bulk investments in place

We are well positioned to capture future growth through strong spectrum position, wide network and brand recall. India, Africa and South Asia (Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) are witnessing some of the fastest growth rates in the data segment globally.

Total spectrum market share, 40% 900 MHz spectrum market share amongst private players - wide spectrum presence
Optical fibre network among private players
Yield/MHz compare to cost/MHz - Industry leading

Financial acumen and operating efficiencies

During the year, we met our long-term funding requirements through a strategic mix of debt and equity. We have received an investment commitment of up to USD 2.5 Bn from China Development Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, enabling us to fulfil our digital commitments in the regions of our presence.

We are also achieving high operating efficiencies and strengthening our war on waste by developing a prudent cost structure across geographies.

Revenue Growth

India and South Asia revenue growth in
FY 2014-15
African revenue growth in FY 2014-15 (on a constant currency basis)