FAQs for Airtel Cricket Bonanza

What is Airtel Cricket Bonanza?

Airtel Cricket Bonanza is a cricket-themed engagement destination hosted in the Airtel Thanks App, which allows users to participate in games and contests to stand a chance to win exciting prizes and get attractive offers from multiple brands. This will be available for All Airtel Customers between 9 Apr 2021 & 31st May 2021.

Who all can participate in Airtel Cricket Bonanza?

All Airtel Thanks App users can participate in the event. Please ensure you are on the latest version of the app to enjoy a seamless experience.

Where can I access Airtel Cricket Bonanza?

Visit the ‘Explore’ section on the Thanks app. Look for the ‘Airtel Cricket Bonanza’ banner. Tap on it to access all the games. Please ensure you are on the latest version of the app.

Can a participant take part daily in Airtel Cricket Bonanza?

Yes, participants can participate daily. While many activities can be enjoyed multiple times in a day, certain contests like Predict & Win would be limited to once a day.

What activities are available under Airtel Cricket Bonanza?

Users can enjoy a host of activities, available daily, under Airtel Cricket Bonanza:


a) Predict and Win (on match days) – currently ended because no live matches happening


• Rules

  • Predict outcomes for the daily matches – there will be three questions per match.
  • Answer the questions and submit your responses. Each user can submit responses only once per match.
  • Questions related to matches on a particular day will be available for submission at 12 am.
  • Users can only submit predictions up till the end of first innings of the match.
  • If a match gets cancelled, the predictions would also be cancelled. No winners would be announced for that match. A replay will be treated like a fresh match.

• What do I win?

  • Points: Each correct answer gives you 50 points. If you get all 3 predictions in a match correct, there is a 50-point bonus.
  • Daily prizes:
  • For each match, one lucky winner with all the right answers will get the Daily super prize.
  • Other lucky winners will win attractive gift vouchers. Number of winners could vary based on the number of participants, correct predictions and availability of prize.
  • Winners will be notified via SMS within 3 business days.

b) Quizmania


• Rules

  • Quizmania is a two-player cricket quiz game.
  • On starting the game, select a team from one of the 8 cities, and create a room for a friend to join.
  • Share the room link with a friend who needs to join via link to start the game.
  • Both users get 3 questions with 15 secs to answer each. The one with more correct answers wins.

• What do I win?

  • Points: Each correct answer gets the user 10 points. The winner gets the points of their opponent as a bonus. A maximum of 50 points can be made per game.

c) Arcade Cricket Games


• Rules

  • There are four solo player games – Cricket Premier League, Fielder Challenge, Tap Cricket & Super Cricket – each presenting a different challenge for the player.
  • Completing required actions in each game adds to the user’s points tally.
  • The user can play each of the games any number of times during the day.

• What do I win?

  • o Points: Each game awards different points as mentioned below
    Game Achievement Points
    Cricket Premier League League match win 5
    Cricket Premier League Quarter-final win 10
    Cricket Premier League Semi-final win 10
    Cricket Premier League Final win 10
    Super Cricket One to one match 5
    Super Cricket Quick Play 5
    Super Cricket Quarter-final 5
    Super Cricket Semi-final 5
    Super Cricket Semi-final 10
    Super Cricket Final 10
    Cricket Fielder Challenge 4 catches 5
    Tap Cricket Challenge Game Win 5
  • Surprise Offers: Users stand the chance to earn a surprise card at the end of every game.
    • Tapping the card is a luck-based activity. It can reveal different brand offers or no offer at all.
    • Once you get the offer, you can claim and unlock it to redeem later.
What do I get by earning more points?

Earning points makes the user eligible for a number of exciting rewards and prizes.


Leaderboard Points Toppers

The top 5 scorers on our leaderboard as on 31 st May 11:59pm will receive assured prizes from ballebaazi.com.

I am unsure if I got points for a rewarding activity that I had performed. How do I confirm if points were credited?

To see your points credit history, go to the Leaderboard section from the home screen and click on ‘Points history’. You will be able to see all rewarding actions done by you, along with their timestamp and points won.

How do lucky winners get their prizes/vouchers?

For any vouchers won during Predict & Win, the user will receive an SMS confirming the same. Along with that, the given voucher will be available to them in the Airtel Rewards section.

This section is accessible to users via the Airtel Cricket Bonanza page till 30 May. Alternatively, you can access it from the ‘more’ section on the app. The vouchers will have respective validity which the user should take note of to avoid confusion later.

How do I contact the program helpdesk in case of any issues?

Our endeavour is to deliver you with the best experience. However, should you have any queries or concerns related to the Bonanza, you may contact Airtel Customer care.

If I am one of the leaderboard winners, what happens after May 31st?

We will contact all the eligible winners post May 31, 2021. Wait for us to get in touch.

Where are the milestones and why can't I see them anymore in this edition?

With the cancellation of live matches, the milestones based prizes have been discontinued for this edition. Currently, only the top 5 leaderboard winners will be rewarded and all other prizes have been put on hold.