Airtel Black FAQs

What is Airtel Black plan?

Airtel Black plan helps you combine your Airtel accounts like Postpaid, Broadband & DTH together under a single Airtel plan. As an Airtel Black customer you enjoy the following benefits:

  • One Bill
  • >One Call Centre
  • Dedicated Relationship Team
  • Priority Resolution
  • Free Service Visits for all services bundled together
  • Buy now & Pay Later on Airtel Shop
How can I add accounts/services under Airtel Black plan?

You can add accounts/services like Airtel Postpaid, Airtel Xstream Fiber & Airtel DTH to your Airtel Black plan from Airtel Thanks App. You can also opt in for any new service at any point of time and add it to your Airtel Black plan.

How do I make a common payment for all my accounts/services under Airtel Black plan?

Airtel Black plan lets you make a single payment for all accounts/services added by you in a few simple steps. The bill for the Airtel Black plan can be viewed and paid from the Bill section of Thanks app.

I have an Airtel Prepaid number. Can it be added to Airtel Black plan?

Only Postpaid connections can be added to Airtel Black plan to claim benefits. You can easily upgrade your prepaid number to a postpaid in a few simple steps through Airtel Thanks App and simultaneously become an Airtel Black customer.

Can I add/remove an account/service from my Airtel Black plan?

Yes, you can add/remove accounts from Airtel Black plan as per your convenience. However, it may have implications on the discounts & benefits (as applicable) availed by you as an Airtel Black customer. A minimum of 2 services are required to be an Airtel Black customer.

Can I make individual payments?

Of course, you can make individual payments. However, that payment would be allocated proportionately across all the accounts/services, under the Airtel Black plan basis the outstanding amount of each account. We encourage you to follow One Account, One payment rule.

I have received an interim bill for one of my account after adding that account under Airtel Black plan. Why?

To provide you with the convenience of paying a single bill for multiple accounts, we have ensured that bill generation for your multiple accounts happen simultaneously.

The interim bill is generated due to a bill cycle change in your Postpaid or Broadband connection. Going forward you will receive a single bill for your Airtel Black.

How can I add my Non-Airtel numbers (prepaid & postpaid) under Airtel Black plan?

Only Airtel Postpaid Connections can be added to Airtel Black Plan. To avail exclusive benefits & savings of a Airtel Black plan, switch your non-Airtel mobile connections to Airtel Postpaid now.

What are Airtel Black Fixed plans as part of Airtel Black Plan?

Airtel Black Fixed plans are designed to offer value and savings when you sign up for two or more services as a bundle. Currently we offer seven plans priced at Rs. 699, Rs. 799, Rs. 998, Rs. 1099, Rs.1799, Rs. 1599 & Rs.2299. Each of these plans comes with different combination of services and count of connections. As part of these plans, the count of services and plan rental as per the number of lines is fixed. Airtel Black Fixed Plans are currently available in select few towns in India.

What are Airtel Black Custom plans as part of Airtel Black Plan?

Airtel Black Custom plans are designed to offer flexibility to you. This plan construct allows you to combine any plan that is available in the market - Airtel Xstream Fiber, Airtel DTH, Airtel Postpaid and create your own Airtel Black Plan. Consider this as your own alacarte plan where you get to choose plan benefits basis what’s available, service combinations and count of services, all as per your requirement. To opt in for an Airtel Black Custom Plan, Airtel Xstream Fiber or Airtel Postpaid must be on a minimum rental of Rs.399/- per service. All connections must be in active state.

How many connections can I take as part of Airtel Black Custom Plan?

You can combine a maximum of 10 Airtel Parent Postpaid, 2 Airtel Xstream Fiber and 2 Airtel DTH primary connections to create an Airtel Black Custom Plan.

Each primary DTH connection can have 3 secondary connections as per existing DTH norms. Each Parent Postpaid connection allows 8 Child Connections as a part of the Postpaid Family construct.

What are the benefits/offers that I am entitled to, when I opt in for Airtel Black Custom Plan?

Other than the core benefits of Airtel Black plan as mentioned above, you are also entitled to specific benefits that are available from time to time. These include-

  • First 30 days FREE equivalent to the bill rental value, for any new service/ connection taken at the time of subscription to Airtel Black Custom Plan with applicable hardware & installation cost/activation fees OR
  • FREE Hardware & installation/activation for broadband and DTH services under any Airtel Black plan, if customer subscribes to Airtel Black with Advance payment mode. Customer cannot club multiple offers while bundling under Airtel Black
How can I sign up for Airtel Black Plan?

Airtel Black plan is available for signup across various Airtel digital properties like- Thanks app & Airtel website. You can also visit Airtel Stores or connect with Airtel authorized representatives to sign-up for Airtel Black

Can I choose to switch from Airtel Black Fixed Plan to Airtel Black Custom Plan or vice-versa?

Yes, of course. Though this flexibility lies with you at any point in time, you will need to reach out to an Airtel authorized representative at our store or call centre to help you with the process. This process can also be initiated through the Airtel Thanks App. Airtel Black Fixed Plans are active only in select cities now.

What is meant by Hardware and Installation charges for Airtel BLACK?

For DTH: This charge is towards the DTH HD or Xstream Box which is non-refundable in nature. Customer will need to pay the charges for all DTH boxes separately that he/she opts in for, as part of Airtel BLACK. For details about DTH box prices as applicable under the rental scheme, please refer to

For Airtel Broadband/Xstream Fiber: This charge is towards the activation charges for a new Airtel Broadband/ Xstream Fiber connection, which is non-refundable in nature. The applicable charges here is Rs. 1500/- (inclusive of GST) for each new Airtel Xstream Fiber connection, opted in as part of Airtel BLACK. Airtel Black customers can avail benefit of Free broadband activation while subscribing to Airtel Xstream Box along with new broadband connection at the time of Airtel Black activation.

Customer has an option to avail FREE hardware & Installation/activation benefit by subscribing to Airtel Black with Advance Payment mode.

What is Advance Payment for Airtel Black Plan?

Any Airtel Black plan can be subscribed by paying Rs. 4000 as an advance payment against which customer can avail FREE hardware & installation/activation for Airtel Xstream Fiber and Airtel DTH services. The advance payment amount gets transferred as advance balance against services activated within Airtel Black plan. This advance balance will be fully applicable against individual outstanding billed amounts of Broadband or DTH or Postpaid services without any deduction.

Rs. 4000 advance payment amount is fixed for any Airtel Black Plan with maximum 1 broadband and 1 DTH connections.

Rs. 4000 is non-refundable once Airtel Black services are fully activated.

What is the charge for secondary DTH Box as part of Airtel BLACK?

Secondary DTH connection will be charged Rs.500 lesser than the cost of primary DTH box opted in. This charge will be non-refundable.

What is the cost of upgrading to HD Box or Xstream Box as part of Airtel BLACK?

Upgrade to HD or Xstream Box/Hybrid Box will be charged at the same cost as that of the primary DTH box cost prevalent in the market, at that point in time. This charge will be non-refundable. For more details about DTH box upgrade prices as applicable under the rental scheme, please refer to-

Can I bundle my Airtel Xstream Fiber connection into Airtel BLACK?

All Airtel Xstream Fiber post-paid customers can bundle their connection into Airtel Black.

Only Customers from select cities can bundle Airtel Xstream Fiber prepaid connection into Airtel Black. The list of cities whitelisted for bundling into Airtel Black is as per Airtel’s discretion and can change from time to time as per policies.

I am on a Airtel Xstream Fiber Advanced Rental Plan. Can I take Airtel BLACK?

New Xstream Fiber Customers on acquired on Advanced Rental Plans (ARP) of Airtel Xstream Fiber cannot bundle their connection into Airtel Black until 15 days before expiry of the ARP Plan. Customers who have renewed their ARP plan can bundle into Airtel Black anytime and the ARP will convert to a monthly plan within Airtel Black. Any excess balance as part of the ARP will be adjusted against future billed outstanding amounts of the Airtel Xstream Fiber section of Airtel Black Bill.

What will happen to my Airtel Xstream Fiber prepaid balance when I bundle it into Airtel Black?

If a Airtel Xstream Fiber prepaid customer bundles his/her connection into Airtel Black, the Broadband will be converted from Prepaid to Postpaid mode. Any existing prepaid account balance will get adjusted in subsequent bill cycles against the Airtel Xstream Fiber outstanding billed amount.

I unbundled my Airtel Xstream Fiber from Airtel Black. Can I go back to prepaid mode?

If a customer in a Prepaid Broadband town unbundles their Fiber connection from Airtel Black, the connection will continue to remain in Postpaid mode. If a customer wishes to revert their connection into Prepaid mode, they can do so through registered airtel channels like Airtel Thanks App, Contact Centres & Airtel Stores.

Prepaid mode in Airtel Xstream Fiber is present only in select towns.

What is 399 Bundle Plan?

399 Bundle Plan offers 10 Mbps of Xstream Fiber and 350+ TV Channels. It will be offered in 2 variants:

  • Monthly Plan: With Installation Fees of Rs.1500 (Inclusive of GST)
  • Advance Plan: With Rs. 3000 (inclusive of GST) as Advance amount with Rs.2500 to be adjusted against rental and Rs. 500 as Installation Cost
Do I get enrolled into Black Membership with 399 Bundle Plan?

399 Plan offers bundle Plan of Xstream Fiber StandBy Plan and DTH but does not come with full Black Membership benefits. However, customers would get benefits like

  • One Bill
  • One Call Center
How can I upgrade to Black membership from 399 Bundle Plan?

Customer can choose to opt for Black membership by picking any of the Black Bundle combination like 699, 1099, etc by using Thanks App or Reaching out to our Customer Care

  • One Bill
  • One Call Center
What are the benefits for upgrading from 399 Plan to 699 Black Plan?

Excess Balance in account would be adjusted against 699 Plan and customer would get enrolled for Black Membership which will increase Broadband speed to 40Mbps, offer OTTs like Hotstar and Xstream Premium and dedicated relationship team.

Why should I prefer 699 and Above Black Bundles?

Customer will be enrolled for Airtel Black membership program. Benefits of membership are as follows:

  • One Bill
  • One Call Centre
  • Dedicated Relationship Team
  • Priority Resolution
  • Free Service Visits for all services bundled together
  • Buy now & Pay Later on Airtel Shop
  • OTTs along with the Plan