Airtel Black FAQs

What is Airtel Black plan?

Airtel Black plan helps you combine your Airtel accounts like Postpaid, Broadband & DTH together under a single Airtel connection. As an Airtel Black customer you enjoy the following benefits:

  • One Bill
  • One Call Center
  • Dedicated Relationship Team
  • Priority Resolution
  • Call pick-up in 60 seconds or call back
  • Zero switching costs
  • Zero installation costs
  • Free Service Visits for all services bundled together
  • Get Airtel Xstream Box at no extra cost
  • Buy now & Pay Later on Airtel Shop
How can I add accounts/services under Airtel Black plan?

You can add accounts/services like Airtel Postpaid, Airtel Xstream Fiber & Airtel DTH to your Airtel Black plan from ‘My Home’ section, which can be reached by clicking on the Airtel Black plan banner on the main page of the Thanks App. You can also opt in for any new service at any point in time and add it to your Airtel Black plan.

How do I make a common payment for all my accounts/services under Airtel Black plan?

Airtel Black plan lets you make a single payment for all accounts/services added by you in a few simple steps. The bill for the Airtel Black plan can be viewed and paid from the Bill section of Thanks app.

I have an Airtel Prepaid number. Can it be added to Airtel Black plan?

Only Postpaid connections can be added to Airtel Black plan to claim benefits. You can easily upgrade your prepaid number to a postpaid in a few simple steps through Airtel Thanks App and simultaneously become an Airtel Black customer.

Can I add/remove an account/service from my Airtel Black plan?

Yes, you can add/remove accounts from Airtel Black plan as per your convenience. However, it may have implications on the discounts & benefits (as applicable) availed by you as an Airtel Black customer. A minimum of 2 services are required to be an Airtel Black customer.

Can I make individual payments?

Of course, you can make individual payments. However, that payment would be allocated proportionately across all the accounts/services, under the Airtel Black plan basis the outstanding amount of each account. We encourage you to follow One Account, One payment rule.

I have received an interim bill for one of my account after adding that account under Airtel Black plan. Why?

To provide you with the convenience of paying a single bill for multiple accounts, we have ensured that bill generation for your multiple accounts happen simultaneously.

The interim bill is generated due to a bill cycle change in your Postpaid or Broadband connection. Going forward you will receive a single bill for your Airtel Black.

How can I add my Non-Airtel numbers (prepaid & postpaid) under Airtel Black plan?

Only Airtel Postpaid Connections can be added to Airtel Black Plan. To avail exclusive benefits & savings of a Airtel Black plan, switch your non-Airtel mobile connections to Airtel Postpaid now.

What are Airtel Black Fixed plans as part of Airtel Black Plan?

Airtel Black Fixed plans are designed to offer value and savings when you sign up for two or more services as a bundle. Currently we offer four plans priced at Rs.998, Rs.1349, Rs.1598 & Rs.2099. Each of which comes with different combination of services and count of connections. As part of these plans, the count of services and plan rental as per the number of lines is fixed.

What are Airtel Black Custom plans as part of Airtel Black Plan?

Airtel Black Custom plans are designed to offer flexibility to you. This plan construct allows you to combine any plan that is available in the market - Airtel Xstream Fiber, Airtel DTH, Airtel Postpaid and create your own Airtel Black Plan. Consider this as your own alacarte plan where you get to choose plan benefits basis what’s available, service combinations and count of services, all as per your requirement.

How many connections can I take as part of Airtel Black Custom Plan?

You can combine a maximum of 10 Airtel Parent Postpaid, 2 Airtel Xstream Fiber and 2 Airtel DTH primary connections to create an Airtel Black Custom Plan.

Each primary DTH connection can have 3 secondary connections as per existing DTH norms. Each Parent Postpaid connection allows 8 Child Connections as a part of the Postpaid Family construct.

What are the benefits/offers that I am entitled to, when I opt in for Airtel Black Custom Plan?

Other than the core benefits of Airtel Black plan as mentioned above, you are also entitled to specific benefits that are available from time to time. These include-

  • First 30 days FREE equivalent to the bill rental value, for any new service/ connection taken at the time of creating Airtel Black Custom Plan (Rs. 465 flat benefit in case of Airtel DTH)
  • Xstream Box at no extra cost with additional 1 year warranty
  • HD Box is free for the first connection taken, with all Airtel Black Plans where customer is opting in for DTH services.
  • Zero Switching Cost – Zero installation & activation costs for any new connections
How can I sign up for Airtel Black Plan?

Airtel Black plan is available for signup across various Airtel digital properties like- Thanks app & Airtel website. You can also visit Airtel Stores or connect with Airtel authorized representatives to sign-up for Airtel Black

Is the Xstream Box at no extra cost offer applicable for all Airtel Black customers?

Yes, this offer entitles all Airtel Black customers to get Xstream Box at Rs.1500 which will be refundable, if in case the customer chooses to opt out of Airtel Black after 12 consecutive months of billing as an Airtel Black customer. To claim the refund in this case, the customer will need to return the box to Airtel and the TnC as applicable will take over.

I have availed the Xstream Box at no extra cost offer while creating an Airtel Black Plan. Can I unbundle now?

Yes, you can unbundle at any point in time through specific Airtel properties. Should you choose to unbundle this Xstream box within 12 months from date of Airtel Black Plan creation, you will not be entitled for the refund of Rs.1500/-. This is because the offer was given to you for signing up on Airtel Black Plan and continuing with it. Also you will receive the refund only if all TnCs are met as per the guidelines on

Can I choose to switch from Airtel Black Fixed Plan to Airtel Black Custom Plan or vice-versa?

Yes, of course. Though this flexibility lies with you at any point in time, you will need to reach out to an Airtel authorized representative at our store or call centre to help you with the process. This process can also be initiated through the Airtel Thanks App.