Airtel Black – Terms & Conditions

Please read these- Terms of Service (“Agreement”) carefully before completing the registration process for ‘Airtel Black’ and/or using the ‘Airtel Black’ service.


This Agreement creates an agreement between you (‘User’ / ‘You’ / ‘Your’), Bharti Airtel Limited and/or Bharti Telemedia Limited and/or Bharti Hexacom Limited, as the case may be (‘Airtel’) (together with its affiliates, Service Partners, “we” or “us”) regarding user’s use of the ‘Airtel Black’ service, including any app (“Apps”) that facilitate use of the ‘Airtel Black’ service ("Service").


Organizations collaborating with Airtel in delivering its services are referred to as “Service Partners”.


The Service includes the benefits defined below:


1. The ‘Airtel Black’ (“Plans”) is an offer being provided by Airtel, to their customers in India.


2. The “Plans” are valid for Retail /COIP/ Commercial (in Commercial, only for Airtel Xstream Fiber, does not apply to DTH) segment (basis details registered with Airtel during time of acquisition) customers who have/ are willing to have more than one of Airtel Xstream Fiber, Airtel DTH & Airtel Postpaid connections in the prescribed telecom circles, across India.


3. Customers can get on “Airtel Black” in two ways:


Airtel Black Fixed Plans: As part of Airtel Black Fixed plans, there will be a limited number of “Fixed rental” plans, with a set combination of the Airtel DTH, Airtel Xstream Fiber and Airtel Postpaid services, along with their associated benefits. If you opt for an Airtel Black Fixed Plan, you must select one of these offerings:

2099 1 1 1
1598 1 1 0
1349 0 1 1
998 0 1 1

In addition to the above specified minimum connections customers can add- additional Airtel Postpaid add on &/or Airtel DTH secondary connections, as per the plan offering on a free/paid basis (depending on the existing plan construct). The exact count of add on allowed for each of the service will be dependent on the Airtel Black Plan type- Custom or Fixed and will be covered further in this document.


While the plan construct shared above is fixed in nature, Airtel reserves the right to remove/modify any Airtel Black Fixed Plan. Airtel will inform you of such changes in advance.


Customers can use their existing Airtel Xstream Fiber, Airtel Postpaid and Airtel DTH connections to migrate to Airtel Black Fixed Plans. In this case the rentals for the services will change as per the construct of the selected Airtel Black Fixed plan. Customers can also activate new connections in Airtel Postpaid, Airtel DTH and Airtel Xstream Fiber as part of these Airtel Black Fixed Plans.


Specific terms and conditions apply for- “Airtel DTH Box HD or Xstream Box/Hybrid Box" , as part of Airtel Black (if availed) - shared below *


Airtel Black Custom Plans: As part of Airtel Black Custom plan, customers can also create their own “plan” by bundling at least two active connections of different services – Airtel Postpaid, Airtel Xstream Fiber &/or Airtel DTH.


Customer can bundle the connections, both existing and any new connection, through the available offline or online journeys.


Customer is free to continue on his current plan or take any of the open market plans. To opt in for an Airtel Black Custom Plan, the existing Airtel Xstream Fiber or Airtel Postpaid must be on a minimum rental of Rs.399/- per service. All connections must be in active state.


One-time benefit for “Airtel Black Custom Plan”: Customers opting for Airtel Black Custom plans also get a one-time discount equivalent to the monthly rental of the paid Airtel Postpaid and/or Airtel Xstream Fiber (first 30 days discount) for any new services activated during the Airtel Black plan activation process. New service is referred to as- New Airtel Xstream Fiber/s and/or New Airtel Postpaid/s and/or New Airtel DTH connection/s. Eg.- Customer opts in for a new Airtel Postpaid worth Rs.499 (monthly rental) while creating an Airtel Black plan. In this case the customer will be entitled to enjoy the services of this Airtel Postpaid connection absolutely FREE for 30 days (on a rolling basis). Customer is liable to pay the rental after 30 days only. Any usages other than the rental (Rs499/-) will be added to the bill.


Any connection/s that is activated before or after the Airtel Black plan creation, irrespective of the activation date, will not be eligible for- first 30 days discount as referred above


Discount mentioned will be equal to the 30 days fixed monthly charges for new Airtel Postpaid &/or new / Airtel Xstream Fiber, taken during the activation of Airtel Black Custom Plan. For the new DTH connection activated, a recharge of Rs.465 will be credited to the DTH account which can be used to take any pack of choice whose monthly usage may or may not be Rs.465. This DTH pack of Rs.465, by design will last for 30 days from activation unless the customer changes the plan at any point in time.


The discount as mentioned above is offered for a 30 consecutive day’s period only. Therefore, if this period falls within more than one billing cycle, then the total discount will be adjusted over two billing cycles.



No. of days till first bill after “plan” activation 20
Rental discount in first bill, equivalent to 20 days
Rental discount in second bill, equivalent to 10 days

Total connections/lines that can be bundled as part of Airtel Black Custom Plan: A maximum of 10 Airtel Postpaid parent connections can be bundled under these “Plans”. Each Airtel postpaid parent connection can have 8 add on connections, as well. Postpaid “data card & voice only” connections can also be bundled. Also, up to 2 Airtel Broadband/Xstream Fiber connections can be taken in a single Airtel Black Custom Plan. A maximum of up to 2 Airtel DTH accounts can be taken in a single Airtel Black Custom Plan, each with a maximum of 3 secondary connections can be taken in a single plan. All case as illustrated above can be bundled together to enjoy the benefits of Airtel Black Plan, together.


4. Unbundling and opting out of Airtel Black Plans:


All Airtel Black plans are designed to offer additional value to its customers. Should there be an event where any ‘Airtel Black customer’ chooses to opt out of Airtel Black plan or discontinue with any of service- Airtel Xstream Fiber &/or Airtel Postpaid & or Airtel DTH, Airtel reserves the right to charge the value/amount for but not limited to- Xstream Box or STB, Router, Modem and so on, as provided, during unbundling. Also for cases where (only if) customers got an Activation fee waiver for new Airtel Xstream Fiber connection, customer will need to pay the same (amount as applicable for activation fee waiver), in the event unbundling of service(s) if done within 3 months from date of availing this benefit. If incase the customer opt in for a new DTH HD Box or Xstream Box as part of Airtel BLACK scheme of Hardware & Installation Charges- the customer can unbundle and continue outside of Airtel BLACK but must be in active state at all times. Failing which, Airtel reserves the right to recover the DTH box given as part of this scheme, immediately.


Specific terms and conditions apply for- “Airtel DTH Box HD or Xstream Box/Hybrid Box" , as part of Airtel Black (if availed) - shared below


5. Common terms for Airtel Black Plans:


5.1: Airtel BLACK Rewards program:


As part of this program, customers are entitled to get Rs.500/- cashback for every new service under Airtel BLACK. Cashback will be auto-applied to the monthly bill starting from second month for a period of 5 months. Cashback will be given in multipliers of Rs.100 for each service basis the new services opted in by customer at the time of Airtel BLACK subscription. In the event of unbundling of service (s), if done within 6 months from the plan activation, the Customer will no longer be eligible to receive the outstanding applicable cashback.


5.2: Hardware & Installation charges, as part of Airtel BLACK:


Hardware and Installation charges towards Airtel DTH HD Box or Hybrid Box: This charge is towards the DTH HD or Hybrid Box which is non-refundable in nature. Customer will need to pay the charges for all DTH boxes separately that he/she opts in for, as part of Airtel BLACK. Secondary DTH connection will be charged Rs.500 lesser than the cost of primary DTH box opted in for (BLACK HD Box price less Rs.500/- or BLACK Hybrid Box price less Rs.500/-, as the case may be). Upgrade to HD or Xstream Box/Hybrid Box will be charged at the same cost as that of the primary DTH box cost prevalent in the market, at that point in time. Specific terms and conditions apply for “Airtel DTH Box HD or Xstream Box/Hybrid Box ‘’, as part of Airtel Black- shared at the bottom of this document. For DTH Box pricing construct and scheme type refer to link


Installation charges towards Airtel Xstream Fiber: This charge of Rs.500/- (exclusive of GST as applicable) is towards the activation charges for a new Airtel Broadband/ Xstream Fiber connection, which is non-refundable in nature. Customer will need to pay the charges for all Broadband connections separately (max 2 as part of one Airtel BLACK) that he/she opts in for, as part of Airtel BLACK.

Customers have to pay the aforementioned Hardware and Installation charges towards each and all of the new service, that they opt in for at the time of Airtel BLACK subscription. Notably, the Hardware and Installation charges mentioned herein as part of this document, can only be availed through limited sales channels of Airtel, currently- Airtel Own Stores, Airtel’s authorized sales representatives and Airtel digital properties (but not limited to these only). This offer cannot be availed from the Airtel retailer store /General Trade selling DTH connections.


5.3: Other conditions:


The rental of the individual connections in an Airtel Black Fixed plan cannot be changed while being a part of the fixed plan, but can be changed in the Airtel Black Custom Plan to any available plan at that time. Customers using DTH connections as part of Airtel Black Fixed Plan can freely choose a DTH pack of their choice basis the available packs in the market, at any given point in time. All Customers will be entitled to get a specific pack for the DTH connection bundled in Airtel Black Fixed Plans. In case a customer choses to subscribe a new DTH pack of lower denomination, the remaining amount from the previous pack shall be passed on as accrued balance to the customer without reducing the overall billing amount for the Airtel Black Fixed Plan. The customer may use such accrued balance for availing subscription of new channels and/or various value added services offered with DTH connection.


Airtel BLACK customers who would have opted in for new Airtel Xstream Box under the “Airtel Xstream Box at fully refundable security deposit of Rs.1500/-“scheme (live till 16th Dec’21- date inclusive), will continue to be governed by the terms and conditions as applicable to them at the time of onboarding. Airtel and its customers are fully liable to honor the commitments as per laid guidelines.


Under ‘Priority Resolution’ we offer premium customer support to all Airtel Black customers at our call centers and stores. All Airtel Black customers get access to a dedicated relationship team who have enhanced tools & platforms to resolve issues faster than standard defined SLAs.


To opt in for Airtel Black, the existing Airtel Xstream Fiber or Airtel Postpaid must be on a minimum rental of Rs.399/- per service. All connections must be in active state while creating an Airtel Black Plan.


The plans can be activated through the designated touch points only. This can be digital channels like- Thanks app, Online, etc & offline through Airtel representatives.


Customer must have the specified minimum number of connections active, to activate the “Airtel Black Custom Plan”


While activating the plans, with existing connections (Airtel Broadband/Xstream Fiber or Airtel Postpaid or Airtel DTH) or newly activated connections (Airtel Broadband/Xstream Fiber or Airtel Postpaid or Airtel DTH), the customer would have to take complete bill payment liability for all accounts. A single Ebill for all bundled connections will be sent to the Email ID used while activating the plans.


The bill cycle for all connections in the plan will get re-aligned to a new bill cycle. Once the “plan” is activated there will be a single bill cycle for all accounts. The new bill cycle and new billing date under the selected Airtel Black plan may be different from all or any of the existing billing dates.


The bill payment for Airtel Black plans can be made on postpaid or broadband connections subscriber ID – which is the mobile number (MSIN) for the postpaid connection or DSL ID/ Landline number for the broadband connection. For DTH, any recharges done will be credited to only DTH and will not be adjusted as Airtel Black plans’ bill payment. This will later be adjusted against DTH usage only.


In case of partial payments made against an Airtel Black Plan bill, the paid amount would get proportionately distributed as per the individual rental of each of the services.


Any non-payment of Airtel Black bill, would lead to service barring for all bundled accounts.


Customer using “voice only landline & Centrex only services”, cannot move to Airtel Black Plan


These plans cannot be combined with any other offers and/or discounts provided by Airtel.


If an Airtel Black customer calls the dedicated customer support number, it will be toll free for an Airtel number while it will be paid if contacted through a Non-Airtel number.


All other specific terms and conditions for Airtel Xstream Fiber/DTH & Postpaid shall apply to Airtel Black Plans. The offers & waivers explicitly mentioned only for Airtel Black Plans herewith shall be applicable to Airtel Black Plans only. All other plans/connections of Airtel Xstream Fiber/DTH & Postpaid shall be governed by the applicable specific terms and conditions.


The benefits under this Plans are not transferable. No exchange or redemption for an equivalent cash amount or in any other form shall be allowed.


These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between Airtel and each subscriber. By subscribing to the Plans, subscriber accepts the same as binding upon him/her.


Airtel will be entitled to postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the plans or any aspect thereof, across the entire territories of service or any part thereof, at any time with or without notice, for any reason, including, but not limited to, business decisions, technical limitations or difficulties, changes in law, regulatory directions, or for events beyond Airtel’s reasonable control such as force majeure or acts of God. If Airtel suspends or cancels the Offer, any or all aspects of the Offer shall be null and void as per Airtel’s decision. Airtel will not be liable to compensate any subscriber for any postponement or cancellation or for any reason directly or indirectly arising out of this Offer.




Please note that the statements in these terms and conditions do not constitute any general representation from Airtel regarding Airtel’s services or its availability. Airtel’s network and the provisions of the Offer is available on an ‘as is where is available’ basis and Airtel makes no representation, guarantee or warranty regarding the availability, fitness for any specified purpose or error free operation of the network. Network availability may be affected due to various reasons including force majeure, acts of god, inclement weather, topographical/ geographic factors, maintenance work, availability of interconnection with other networks, etc.


Any dispute or claim (contractual or non-contractual) arising out of or in relation to this agreement, including disputes as to its formation, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian laws. Subject to the point above, Airtel and the subscriber submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at New Delhi alone.


The Airtel Black plans, which were previously offered as Airtel Home offer & One Airtel Plan, have been modified to the above rules as of 3rd January 2020 & 01st July 2021, respectively and customers can no longer avail the offer as per any older rules. However, unless they opt for changes or benefits under new Airtel Black offerings, their existing plan charges will continue to operate.


The above mentioned plans and their complete benefits, as may be updated from time to time, are available on the Airtel website.


Specific terms and conditions for- “Airtel DTH Box HD or Xstream Box/Hybrid Box ‘’, as part of Airtel Black


1) Use of Airtel DTH HD/Xstream Set top box (STB):


a) Airtel STB shall be used only for domestic purposes and it shall not be used for commercial purpose or received by commercial establishment subscriber who opts for an Airtel Black plan that entitles the customer for Airtel DTH services. Customer can choose to upgrade or take a new Airtel DTH connection.


b) The Subscriber has satisfied himself/herself/itself with the features of the Airtel STB, Adaptor and ODU (outdoor unit) (together “Customer Premise Equipment’s (CPE)”) and has agreed to receive the Airtel STB on “As-It-Is-Basis” and shall not tamper with or in any manner, including but not limited to unlocking or jail-breaking of the Airtel STB or original firmware(s) or software(s) of the Airtel STB.


c) Nothing contained herein shall be construed as creating any arrangement for transfer of title, ownership or interest including rights of any intellectual property in/of the Airtel STB and/or CPE in favor of the Subscriber.


d) The Subscriber has no right to sell, lease, assign, and transfer or otherwise dispose-of the Airtel STB and/or the CPE in any manner whatsoever.


e) The Airtel STB and/or the CPE shall at all times remain the property of Airtel.


2) Repossession of Airtel Xstream STB:


a) Airtel has the right to repossess the STB if the Subscriber fails to purchase subscription for continuous period of 1 months


b) In the event Airtel repossesses the STB in terms of this clause, Authorized representative shall visit the subscriber’s address for uninstallation of STB and/or CPE.


5) Warranty Clause:


Airtel grants a limited warranty for use of the Airtel Set Top Box. Airtel Set Top Box comes with a warranty of 1 year by design. An Airtel Black customer is entitled to another additional year of warranty.


6) Breach of Terms and conditions:


Where the Subscriber:


Fails to have continuous active usage for 1 month for whatsoever reasons, all of the following consequences shall ensue, namely:


Airtel shall be entitled to receive back/repossess the STB;


Airtel may exercise any other recourse or remedies that it may have, whether in law or in equity.


7) Intellectual Property Rights:


Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to grant the customer either directly or by implication, any right, by license or otherwise, in respect of any Intellectual Property, including in any software, concepts, know-how, processes, development tools, techniques or any other proprietary material or information that it may provide the customer in the course of provision of service and any products and devices.


8) Subscriber Data:


a) The Subscriber hereby authorizes Airtel to collect, retain and use information as per the privacy policy of Airtel which is made available at ‘’.


b) The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of use of the STB, as per the terms of the Airtel Customer Application Form (CAF) and regulations prescribed in Tariff order issues by TRAI from time to time.


9) Contact Details:


Contact Address : Bharti Telemedia Ltd.,
Airtel Center, Plot No. 16, Udyog Vihar,
Phase – IV, Gurgaon – 122015,
Haryana, India
Call: +91-124-4222222
Fax: +91-124-4243252


10) No Liability:


a) The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that, Airtel shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary loss or damages, howsoever arising, including loss of data.


b) The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that save and except refund of the Security Deposit as per terms herein, Airtel shall not be liable to make any payment or incur or suffer any liability to the Subscriber, under any circumstances whatsoever.


11) Dispute Resolution:


All disputes shall be governed under the laws of India and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Delhi only.


12) Acceptance of terms


Subscription to this offer shall be treated as unconditional acceptance by the participating Subscriber to all the applicable terms and conditions.


13) This offer is exclusive of any other offer/scheme/programme run by Airtel. Airtel reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this offer or any part thereof at its sole discretion at any time during its validity as may be required in view of business exigencies and/or changes by regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and the same shall be binding on the subscriber.