Advantages of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for your Business

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Advantages of Dedicated Internet Access

When you choose an internet connection, you need to ensure that it adds value and provides you with a faster connection. There are more than 366 million internet users, so not choosing the right provider can slow down your work. In that case, a dedicated internet access service is extremely efficient and works faster than that of your traditional internet service provider.

A dedicated high-speed internet connection can play an essential role in enhancing the overall speed, while a slow internet connection can be deadly for your website. According to Quicksprout, even a one-second delay in website loading can result in a 16% customer satisfaction loss.

What is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

A dedicated internet connection ensures that the organisation receives high-speed internet with maximum bandwidth. However, many companies opt for a shared internet connection, but this cannot generate the speed you need.

A shared internet connection enhances reliability and performance while reducing costs. When many people use it, the speed is likely to fluctuate. There are numerous differences between dedicated and shared internet connections, including

  • Speed: Dedicated internet has better speed than shared internet.
  • Quality: Dedicated internet servers provide better quality and reliability.
  • Clarity: Dedicated internet servers have better clarity of images, video and sound quality.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access for Businesses?

Using a dedicated internet access can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Car dealerships, pharmacology companies, and hotel chains must consider using dedicated internet access. These industries have a regular influx of customers, thus necessitating a faster internet connection. It increases security but also contributes to overcoming challenges. Network bandwidth is an essential factor to consider for businesses because if the bandwidth is low, your internet speed might also decline.

Some common benefits of dedicated internet access for businesses include the following:

  • Better Network Security

Security is one of the most critical factors for businesses. If your business is responsible for handling crucial data, you need to enhance security. Most of all, companies involved in financial record maintenance need to focus on improving safety.

Using a dedicated high-speed internet connection can play an essential role in improving network security. As your business does not have to share this connection with anyone, there will be less risk of hacking.

Businesses with dedicated internet access need to worry less about any external threat. Furthermore, it also plays a vital role in keeping the transactions secure.

  • Guaranteed Bandwidth

Slow internet speed is one of the major problems many businesses suffer from. However, with the help of dedicated internet speed, you will be assured of receiving the best bandwidth possible.

Businesses that deal closely with resolving customer queries need a dedicated internet. Amazon reports that if their website is slow, they suffer a loss of about US $1.6 billion of sales annually. In many cases, this type of internet access usually has a dedicated speed of 10 MB/s from both ends.

  • Scalable Internet Access

Not many organisations realise the importance of scalable internet access within the business. Startups should consider installing dedicated high-speed internet if they see scalability in their business. A scalable connection will help businesses handle huge amounts of data and improve the load speed without disrupting the internet connection on the user’s end.

If you plan to expand your business and its resources, you should consider installing a dedicated internet service. Depending on the internet service you pay for, you will be eligible for receiving the benefits. Thus, if you are not using a particular connection, there is no need to pay for it.

Nonetheless, if you are concerned about whether you can opt for unlimited data, you can.

  • Better Customer Support

Businesses can rely on dedicated internet access service providers to provide 24*7 customer service. Almost all the dedicated internet service access providers have a specific service level agreement to follow. They will guarantee to fix the problem within the period they provide you in the agreement. The service level agreement also contains details about how much time the company will take to resolve your issue.

Nonetheless, dedicated service providers ensure to offer a high-end internet connection. They use a dedicated internet connection that plays a vital role in reducing the risk of connectivity problems.

  • Better Upload and Download Speed

The speed of uploading and downloading a file has always been a major concern for businesses. This speed sets dedicated internet access services apart from fibre or cable connections.

People in the private network usually have a high demand for speed. While a shared internet connection provides you with the benefit of good upload and download speed, it does not do the best job. The speed is relatively low. You might not be able to upload a large-scale file rapidly during an emergency.

What happens when you are on a video conference hoping to close a deal, and you lose the connection? It is one of the most significant losses you can ever suffer. With the presence of a dedicated internet access service, you will never face these kinds of problems. Dedicated internet access service providers offer the benefit of symmetric downloading, and they will help to cater to your need for high-speed internet 24*7. As long as you have a reliable provider, you don’t have to worry about any negative impact.

  • Better Throughput Speed

Isn’t it annoying that your internet appears slow despite an incredible speed? It’s primarily because of technical throughput issues. While your internet service provider can help you, they may not provide you with details regarding the throughput.

Dedicated internet access customers usually receive high-capacity, unsubscribed networks. This is one of the significant differences between dedicated and shared internet connections. These details are not usually a part of the package. Therefore, you will need to ask the provider for these benefits. You can get in touch with your sales representative to help you receive the maximum benefits.

However, before you choose a dedicated internet service provider, you need to check if they have a service level agreement. Technical issues can hamper your internet speed and business security. Therefore, you should also check how much time the company will take to resolve a particular problem.

Final Words

When it comes to dedicated internet access, you need to choose a reliable dedicated internet access service provider. Depending on your chosen company, you will receive the maximum upload and download speed. Security is also an essential factor to consider. Nonetheless, having this integrated into your business can play a crucial role in increasing productivity.