Dedicated Ethernet: A Mechanism To Reduce Latency & Speed Up Your Internet Experience

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Dedicated Ethernet

The increased acceptance of the latest and bandwidth-heavy applications has led to augmented growth in online traffic. You require swifter and highly scalable connectivity to sustain in this modern-day marketplace.

However, don’t worry; today, you can fast-track your business growth and maturity by leveraging dedicated ethernet connections. Our internet leased line connection at Airtel is a reliable service that provides the steady and higher performance connectivity that you require to run high-end, multi-faceted and complex applications. With dedicated ethernet and fast internet access, you can reap the benefits of unified connectivity and enhanced business performance.

In this post, we will discuss what exactly is dedicated ethernet and the mechanism to trim down latency and increase the speed of your internet.

What is dedicated ethernet?

Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access is a continual, superior bandwidth technique for enterprise businesses to connect their precise Local Area Networks (LANs) with the explicit public internet, and reorganise their existing Wide Area Network (WAN).

Businesses are uniting internet dedicated ethernet into their enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery approaches. Additionally, a leased line ethernet modem is a high-speed modem developed for usage in a private communications channel leased directly from a carrier.

How is leased line used for high-end online connections?

A leased line is rented by your enterprise company directly through a business internet service provider. It is primarily used for high-speed online connections or as a devoted linkage amid premises.

Dissimilar to dial-up connections, a leased line is dynamic and guarantees a dependable and superior quality connection. The bandwidth can be assured by leveraging advanced fibre technology with no speed issues relative to the distance between the endpoint and the exchange.

Top business-grade solutions with safe connectivity and blended with enhanced productivity tools

Airtel Office Internet is specially crafted for safe, high-speed data connectivity, conferencing and business productivity tools. It is therefore an integrated solution.

With rising demands for video conferencing, Airtel Office Internet even delivers a free Airtel BlueJeans licence for limitless and safeguarded digital conferencing with remarkable HD quality.

On the other hand, Google Workspace licences enable businesses to leverage Gmail for all official email interactions along with a complete range of productivity and alliance tools offered by Google.

Airtel Google Suite offers professional email, digital storage, and video meetings solutions. Airtel even ensured global business steadiness during the pandemic.

Airtel users can purchase Kaspersky products using the thanks app and leverage discounts

Airtel customers can now buy Kaspersky security solutions for PC and Smartphones through the Airtel Thanks application, enhancing their safety and performance levels.

The partnership between the two organisations allows Airtel customers to buy Kaspersky solutions with just a few clicks. In addition, Airtel customers can enjoy special deals on these modern-day solutions from Kaspersky.

A leased line network that is devoted exclusively to your business requirements

Airtel provides enterprise-grade, high-end leased line network solutions to assist you to sustain dependable performance, safety and trustworthiness across your sites. The solution leverages cost-efficient, consistent, direct online connections to support you flawlessly accessing the higher bandwidth applications.

The solution also provides contention-free network involvement across India. All this is supported by our proficiency, experience, advanced network operation centre (NOC) and continuous technical support. With Airtel internet leased line connection, you can enjoy seamless connectivity, SLA commitments and enhanced work productivity levels.

Furthermore, Airtel offers guaranteed bandwidth and maintains a 1:1 contention ratio. The bandwidth is not shared with any other set of user bases, and the speed is devoted to the active ISP gateway.

Significant features and key gains from B2B internet leased line

  • Consistent Performance Levels

Get the highly steadfast enterprise leased line service and speediness you pay for – without worrying about how many other users are present on the network.

  • Assured Accessibility

Get a quick and dedicated internet connection to enable your advanced and business-related applications, supported by enterprise-level SLAs.

  • Utmost Security Levels

Get the suppleness to select optional DDoS protection and managed firewall services suitable for your leased circuit.

  • Operational Scalability 

Give your business activities and operations dedicated link rapidity extending from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

How Airtel assists with dedicated internet services

Airtel provides reliable online services and solutions on a range of access media, including Fibre, Copper, and RF, relying upon the involved network viability levels.

Airtel offers IP addresses based upon your business requirements and demands. Other big blocks of addresses are accessible for an added fee and are subject to obtainability.

Airtel will build BGP sessions with your layer three routers and offer a complete or partial BGP table as per your needs. Airtel also provides DDOS Mitigation and a managed UTM device as an added solution.

Airtel offers a heightened network experience and allows its customers to impeccably connect to the world’s topmost content providers, right through our steady tier-1 IP network across the diverse parts of India.

Moving Forward

Get dedicated internet benefits for your business and operational tasks to enable the swift growth of your company. You can now maximise your connectivity reach and promote business growth opportunities by taking advantage of our extended coverage across India and globally. We will further facilitate your business, leveraging direct POPs, strategic alliances and an all-embracing fibre leased line network.

Being one of the top global leased line service providers, Airtel guarantees that your business experiences enhanced uptime and service obtainability supported by SLAs, continuous technology and business support. Our proficient teams at Airtel ensure complete service consistency. We are here to assist you in developing a tailored solution with dedicated ethernet while trimming down the latency, further boosting your internet experience.

If you are interested in our services, get in touch to manage your data sets more effectively and enable corporate services, all in one place! For comprehensive information on our dedicated internet services, communication solutions and further details of our dedicated leased line connectivity services for your company, visit us at Airtel Dedicated Internet.