Leveraging CDN and Edge: Unbundling next-gen Cloud Capabilities

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Edge Cloud & CDN

therefore not surprising that spending on public cloud services is expected to grow by 20.4% in 2022, but only cutting-edge developments in networking technologies will shape the next cloud frontier.

Keeping up with anytime, anywhere service demands

With rising demand for anytime, anywhere services, the way we consume and exchange information has changed considerably. Social media is available at our fingertips. Online communications have taken precedence over in-person interactions. Round-the-clock available primetime media and OTT viewership is rising in popularity. Consequently, the need for real-time content delivery has become a challenging and growing scope.

The pandemic has also impacted the work landscape around the world. With remote and hybrid working models gaining traction, demand for delivery has shifted from centralised datacentre-driven solutions to distributed computing. On that front, reimagining business flow with force multipliers such as CDN and edge cloud can foster an outcome-oriented approach that addresses the current needs. Here’s how: –

The CDN Connect:

The hardware requirements of capacity building call for long-term investments.  Capacity computing and software upgrades can be a cost-intensive undertaking, especially for installing and maintaining expensive machines.
With CDN capacity and scalability, it becomes easy to distribute the workload across locations. CDNs store cached content at different locations locally, thereby reducing bandwidth consumption and accelerating service delivery. They also add a virtual high-security perimeter against cyberattacks, receive incoming traffic and regulate the flow of requests through load management. These advantageously placed groups of servers can eliminate unnecessary OPEX and CapEx. Offering a flexible architecture, secondary and tertiary sites can be incorporated to minimise the load on core setups. This can help your enterprise to focus on delivering the best performance with frameworks and tools designed to drive growth.

Moving to the Edge:

Data storage and management locally becomes a challenging task as your enterprise grows and starts to handle heavy traffic. The availability of limitless space and the durability of domains depends on the service provider’s expertise. User tastes for content are unpredictable and keep changing with fluctuating trends.  Other complexities of demand-delivery such as language, geography, licensing and performance are issues that require curated and custom-built solutions. Some issues like updating content and purging are also game-changing drivers faced by the administrator.

Edge storage addresses these issues with ease. The proliferation of the internet of things (IoT) enabled smart devices and video streaming has further expanded the scope of edge. With reduced reliance on centralised data centres, connected devices can collect and commute real-time data to deliver faster resolutions as computing takes place closer to the device it serves. The speed of delivery rises exponentially while the consumption of bandwidth falls drastically. The reason why the global spend on edge computing is projected to reach USD 12 billion by 2028.

Maximise the Edge and CDN Advantage with Airtel

Airtel Edge Cloud and CDN services are purpose-built to enhance the advantage of cloud innovations. They are easy to scale as your business operations expand, offering dynamic calibration of storage, computing, and bandwidth on subscription models. Airtel can accelerate your digital growth with a strong ecosystem of edge and CDN experts as a trusted end-to-end technology partner with a firm global infrastructure network supported by tier-1 telecom connectivity. From Windows and SAP on AWS to IoT and machine learning (ML), you can embrace so much more with Airtel to stay ahead of the curve and unbundle growth opportunities.

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