The Science of SMS Campaigns – When and Why It Works?

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SMS Campaign

According to Finances Online, among the several options that brands provide for customer engagement, consumers prefer SMS campaigns by 48%. Fortunately for businesses looking to speed up their brand engagement, SMS campaign plays a fundamental role in mobile marketing with 95% of consumers who own mobile phones but do not depend on an Internet connection. 

Even though text messages have been here for a long time, it’s no longer a forgotten aspect of marketing strategy. With its rapidly evolving uses to meet the demands of a growing audience, let us dive into the science of how to do SMS campaign to uncover the secrets of its success.

What is SMS Marketing? 

Popularly known as text message marketing, SMS marketing is a dynamic form of mobile marketing that allows businesses to communicate directly with their potential and current customers through text messages. 

From delivering promotional offers, discounts, and appointment reminders to providing shipping notifications, the several ways in which brands can communicate with their customers through text-based messages without the cost of media extensions give brands an upper hand. One of the top reasons why brands have started shifting towards SMS campaigns is due to its impressive open rates with an average of 98%, surpassing 5X from emails which ensures that a brand’s messages are seen and read. Overall, the strategy is said to have boasted around a 9.18% click-through rate, far more than email’s 2.5%. 

How Do You Use SMS Marketing? 

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, SMS marketing offers an important bridge between businesses and their customers. With its adaptability and immediate impact garnering it a top choice for modern businesses, here are some ways in which SMS Campaign is harnessed by businesses:

Promotional Campaigns 

Campaigns meant to spark interest and attract more customers for particular products or services fall under Promotional Campaigns. These campaigns generally aim to deliver discounts, coupons, and special offers to customers and gain more traction. 

Transactional Campaigns 

Campaigns providing real-time information like appointment reminders, shipping notifications, or password resets fall under Transactional Campaigns. Due to their need for immediate attention, these messages boast of high open rates and are exceptionally effective in driving conversions. 

Customer Service 

One of the most used approaches of SMS marketing is for customer service interactions which allows a brand’s service agent to connect directly with customers via text. This creates a seamless and convenient communication channel for customers without having to wait for long hours in voice calls. 

What are the benefits of using SMS marketing? 

In a market crawling with new innovative strategies every day, the following advantages make SMS Campaign a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their engagement, drive conversions, and create meaningful customer connections.

Major Benefits of SMS Campaign:

  • High Open Rates: In comparison to the average open rates of emails, SMS messages provide an average of 98% open rates. This ensures that a brand’s audience not just receives, but reads their messages.
  • High Engagement Rates: SMS marketing plays an important role in consumer engagement as approximately 33% of SMS recipients respond to calls-to-action in SMS messages. It has also been stated that about 47% of consumers make a purchase after receiving text-based messages.
  • Affordable: Businesses looking for a cost-effective medium to increase their engagement can benefit a lot from SMS marketing as it’s budget-friendly and requires only a minimal investment for promoting various products, services, or events.
  • Real-Time Communication: SMS marketing provides instant information, unlike other strategies. With real-time communication updates trending in the market, SMS is the ideal medium for faster time-sensitive information.

What are the challenges of SMS? 

While SMS marketing offers countless advantages, there are always a few hiccups in every endeavour. For a business to reap the benefits of SMS campaign, they must navigate these hurdles strategically to make the most of this powerful tool. 

Challenges of SMS Marketing:

  • Regulations: Like many other inventions, SMS marketing is subject to strict regulations, which include the need for customer opt-ins and restrictions on some message types. Any failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal consequences for a business. 
  • Message Length: Being text-based formats, SMS API messages are constrained to 160 characters only. This poses a challenge for businesses that wish to convey more through their messages but are forced to leave out detailed information.
  • Timing: Precise timing is very critical in SMS marketing since consumers look out for faster real-time updates. Any wrong message timing can trigger customers and tarnish the brand’s image.
  • Competition: As SMS marketing has gained significant popularity over the years, several businesses compete for customers’ attention. This has created a sea of messages swarming in inboxes, where only the best content gets noticed.

How do you start sending SMS marketing messages? 

Businesses looking for answers on how to do SMS campaigns with ease can opt for Airtel IQ, a transformative cloud communication platform, that has been making significant waves in the business world by offering seamless SMS marketing services that are both accessible and effective. 

Here’s how to get started with Airtel IQ to start sending bulk SMS API  marketing messages:

STEP 1: 

Sign up for Airtel IQ on their official website to begin the SMS marketing journey. 


Once registered, craft a new SMS campaign by choosing from a range of templates or customize a message according to the brand’s unique voice.


To send messages successfully, upload the required contact list in CSV format, to ensure all messages reach the right audience.


Once the brand’s campaign and contact list are ready, deliver SMS messages promptly to engage and attract customers effectively.

What are some SMS marketing examples?

The power of SMS marketing is best illustrated through real-world examples. From Airbnb mastering SMS marketing through automated mobile communications to Dell keeping their customers constantly updated with their payment procedures, customers are given ample opportunity to interact with brands directly and promote them further through their seamless experiences. 

This creates a personalized approach which leaves a lasting impression and allows brands to create an image of trust and reliability. These examples show the benefits of SMS campaigns and how they can be tailored to serve various business objectives. 

In conclusion, it is safe to say that in a mobile-driven world, SMS campaign is truly an invaluable tool for businesses striving to connect and engage with their audience effectively.

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