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Airtel Black 998 plan details

What makes Airtel Black a unique proposition in the market?


Airtel Black is one of the new offerings for its premium users. Curated for Airtel’s loyal customers, it is one of the best broadband TV and phone deals you will lay your hands on! The objective here is to provide priority service and better offers for users who use more than Airtel services. Over 35 crore people trust Airtel and its services. Airtel Black is an economical offering for all its regular and family users.

Let’s understand more about Airtel Black and what makes it a unique proposition in the market!

Airtel Black is a one-stop solution for your data, talk time, and entertainment needs. If you are an existing user, you can combine one or more services to your plan and enjoy the Airtel Black premium experience.

  1. One Bill for all services – One Bill for your whole family

    If you are using Airtel’s Broadband and Airtel Postpaid sim, you can pay bills for both the services together if you become an Airtel Black user. Generally, one has to pay both the bills separately. By bringing together the bills, you are saving time and making it convenient for everyone. The final bill can be viewed in the bill section of Airtel Thanks app.

  2. Dedicated Relationship team, along with the best broadband TV and phone deals

    We all know how exhausting it is to wait for customer care to pick up the call and solve our query. With Airtel Black, you need not wait for more than 60 seconds for someone to pick up your call. Say goodbye to high IVR (Interactive Voice Response) time and slow resolution with Airtel Black priority customer care.

  3. Customized plans for your unique needs

    Airtel understands how diverse needs are for each individual and family. Therefore, as an Airtel Black user, you can decide for yourself what Airtel services you need the most and still enjoy the benefits of Airtel Black. You can either combine DTH and postpaid services, or take all services – DTH, postpaid, and fiber broadband together and get bills together in one place.

  4. 30 day (about 4 and a half weeks) free offer

    One of the bestseller plans offered by Airtel allows you to combine at least two of Airtel services. If you are an existing user of the postpaid plan and are planning to take up Airtel DTH plan too, you will get 30 days free for the DTH plan!

  5. A plan for everyone that gives you the best broadband TV and phone deals

    Users who are looking for a limited Airtel Black plan can go to the fixed plan in which the count of services and charges are fixed. For example, under Airtel Black 2099 Plan, you are entitled for up to 3 postpaid connections, unlimited data with 200 Mbps speed, and Rs. 500 worth of television channels with DTH. Whereas the custom plans offer much more flexibility to the users. Under this, the user can add any plan available and create their own plan for their unique needs and number of users. It is quite rare to find such good phone & broadband offers in the market by any other competitor. It is one of the best broadband TV and phone deals for you!

    If you take an Xstream box with the plan, your broadband installation fee Rs. 1180 will be waived off!

Post your Airtel Black premium membership activation, you can claim your free subscription for OTT (OVER THE TOP) platforms. The list includes Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Airtel Xstream. You can add up to 9 loved members of your family all over India to your Airtel Black plan. Also, you can manage these multiple connections with ease.

Now level up yours and your family’s way of entertainment with Airtel Black. Prioritize ease, convenience, and flexibility with Airtel!

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