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Best ways to check internet speed on your smartphone


Metaphorically, mobile phones are extended part of human bodies now. Starting from staying connected to our loved ones to conducting a major portion of our work, smartphones are indispensable. A smartphone today would be of limited use if there’s no access to a good internet connection. Imagine trying to connect with a work colleague on the go with a slow internet connection. You need to check internet speed to see what exactly the problem is.

The frequent dropping from the call or a serious lag during the meeting can really affect a work meeting and the productivity of the employee. Moreover, a lot of people prefer watching their favorite content using mobile version of OTT platforms. The constant buffering and low-quality video spoils the whole entertainment experience. The online mobile gamers also experience high ping rate due to slow internet connection.

Check your Wifi Internet Speed with Airtel Internet Speed Test


If you are experiencing constant lags, buffering, and high ping rate, you need to check internet speed on your smartphone. It can either be the speed offered by your connection or it can be other factors at play. If you do want to avoid the above, go for Airtel Broadband for your home.

Here are a few easy ways to get the accurate speed of your connection. You can use the following ways to determine both your broadband and cellular data speed.

Check your internet speed with Airtel Speed Test

  • One of the easiest ways to check internet speed in your smartphone is to go online and conduct a Google search for Airtel Speed Test. You will be directed to a webpage with an automated test.
  • Just hit on the start button and within seconds you will get the internet speed result.
  • The report will include the download and upload speed along with the Ping rate.
  • The report also includes the name of the carrier and the server location. You can also download the report for other purposes.

Moreover, if you want to diagnose your prepaid and postpaid internet speed, just head over to the Airtel Help section of Airtel Thanks app. You can know all the details about the connection there.

Internet speed test on Google

To check internet speed using Google, all you need to do is conduct a search for ‘Google speed test’. You will see a button saying, ‘run speed test’. The test checks the speed under 30 seconds. The test is processed by the Measurement Lab (M-Lab). Although, the report includes the download and upload speed along with latency.

Mobile applications for internet speed test

You can use various specific mobile applications for checking internet speed on your smartphone. You can use applications like Speedtest to check both broadband and cellular data on both Android and iOS. The application also shows a real time graph presenting the connection consistency. You can see how stable your network is using this particular feature.

Check your Wifi Internet Speed with Airtel Internet Speed Test


Another similar app for checking the internet speed is FAST speed test. You won’t get any graph results. But the speed result is accurate. Although, an internet speed test application will take up extra space in your phone and generally only serves just one purpose. Therefore, easiest way to check internet speed now is to check online using Airtel speed test or on your existing Airtel Thanks app which serves more than one purpose.

Say your goodbyes to constant buffering of videos and frequent dropping out of calls with Airtel Broadband for your home and business. Stable, round-the-clock, and high-speed internet for all with Airtel!

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