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what is dual band router

What Is a Dual-Band Router and Its Types?


Broadband internet has now emerged as a necessity without which, we just cannot function. Now, when it comes to choosing the right internet connection for your needs, you can end up getting confused. Well, there are so many internet service providers out there, and all of them promise incredibly high-speed internet. In this scenario, whom should you trust, and whom should you go for? Going for a dual-band router while choosing your wifi connection is one of the best decisions that you can make.

Here’s a blog on why we think that dual band wifi routers are the best, and why you should get one too.

What is the dual-band router?

As you may have guessed by now, a dual-band router emits two different frequency bands for your broadband connection. The 2.4 GHz band and the 5GHz bands. Now, by providing you with two different bands, these dual-band routers provide you incredible flexibility. You get two frequency channels that effectively divide the traffic. This results in faster browsing and better load management for the router as well. Hence, it is extremely important that you get a dual-band Wi-Fi router.

What is a band in dual band wifi router?

Before we switch over to dual-band routers, let us understand what we mean by the word ‘band’. Now let us consider a normal home, with a plethora of electronic devices that get connected to the internet. Here, when you connect your smartphone or laptop to Wi-Fi, the bands come into play. It is the band that sets up a network between your device and the Wi-Fi router.

Therefore, we hope that you can clearly understand what the meaning of a dual-band router is.

Dual-band router prices

If you are looking for the best dual-band router in India, then you would be spoilt for choice. There are loads of them, and the average dual-band router price varies anywhere between ₹1,000 to ₹2,000. Not easy on the pocket, is it? Then, going for a Wi-Fi connection that provides you with a free dual-band wifi router is a very sensible decision.

What are the types of dual-band routers?

When it comes to dual-band routers, you get them in two different types: selectable dual-band wifi routers and simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi routers. In the case of selectable routers, they can transmit only one type of frequency band at a time. Thus, it is primarily a single-band router, but you can choose which band you wish to work on.

On the other hand, the simultaneous dual-band routers are an upgrade. These can transmit both frequencies (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) at the same time. Therefore, it is equally important that you choose the simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi router for your home.

Pros and cons of dual-band routers

Now, let us have a look at some of the pros and cons of a dual-band router.


  1. It is much faster and extremely reliable as compared to single-band routers.
  2. Your devices automatically connect to their preferred or best frequency band.
  3. They can connect to both older as well as newer devices.


  1. The dual-band router price is higher than a single-band router, which may not be suitable for the ones who are on a tight budget.
  2. A high-speed 5 GHz frequency band might not be that helpful for the older devices in your household.

Understand whether you need a dual-band Wi-Fi router

It is necessary that you understand whether it is necessary to get this device. Hence, while looking for the best dual-band router or the best dual-band router in India, you should also be clear about your needs.

For example, if you are a single person and use your wifi for social media and texting, then you can make do with a single band. However, if you have a family and have kids playing games, watching smart TV, and more, then it makes sense to get a dual-band wifi router.

Why choose the Airtel dual-band Router?

Choosing an Airtel router makes so much sense. You get the promise of Airtel’s incredibly fast internet connection. On top of that, you get a router that will work round the clock to give you a seamless home Wi-Fi experience. It doesn’t get better than the Airtel Xstream router, and you get a dual-band wifi router for free. Get it today!

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