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How to Relocate / Shift Your Airtel Broadband Connection


Thinking of shifting to a new home, get your place up and running with Airtel Broadband. Always stay connected with Airtel. We will shift your connection within 24 hrs. Click here to shift your connection.

Airtel Broadband relocation/shifting process:

  1. Go to Airtel Thanksapp
  2. Select your broadband connection
  3. Click on the “shift connection” icon
  4. Follow the steps mentioned in the journey

What is the benefit of shifting over getting a new connection?

By shifting your connection instead of getting a new connection-

  1. You can save on new installation charges of Rs 1500
  2. You can use the same land-line number
  3. Your Add-on services will continue with your connection (Mesh, UPS) etc.

How much should I pay for Shifting?

Shifting charges are visible on the Thanksapp. These will be applicable on the basis of your plan and address.

Do I need any extra documents while shifting?

No documents are required if you are moving within the city. In case of inter-state shifting, a proof of identity (Aadhar, Pan, Driving license, Voter ID etc) is required.

In-case of any other clarifications please reach out to us on 121 customer care

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