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Catch these best shows of 2023 on History TV with the best DTH offers from Airtel

The new year has brought some great news for history buffs. Well, it is all set to launch interesting series on History TV revolving around the life of a real person, in-depth look into historic events, investigations about past mysteries, etc. With these brand-new introductions, everyone (especially history enthusiasts) will enjoy endless hours of entertainment on TV. Thus, subscribe to the best DTH offers from Airtel and let us find out which historic TV series is worth the watch in 2022:


1. Abraham Lincoln

Directed by Malcolm Venville, Abraham Lincoln is a cinema documentary. It gives everyone a peek into the life of the 16th president. The show narrates his childhood in Kentucky and Indiana as well as his stewardship during the civil war.


2. The Proof Is Out There

Starring Tony Harris in the lead, The Proof Is Out There a TV show that investigates some of the world’s most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings. Some of which include those of giant beasts, apocalyptic sounds, conspiracies, Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), hairy humans, etc.


3. Modern Marvels

It is History TV’s first and longest-running television program that focuses on how current and past technologies are used in modern societies. Besides, it also explains the impact of these gadgets on mankind.


4. Ancient Aliens

If you’re someone who is fascinated with the era of dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and early cave drawings, Ancient Aliens is for you! Why? Well, it is a show that will give an in-depth look into questions, speculations, provocative controversies surrounding extra-terrestrial contact on Earth.


5. The Curse of Oak Island

Ricky, Martin, and the entire Oak Island team is back with yet another interesting season of The Curse of Oak Island. This time around, the show will uncover the old treasure mystery using sonic core drilling, heavy digging machine, cutting-edge technology, extensive metal detecting, and strategic dive.


6. I Was There

The dashing host, Theo Wilson is all set to narrate some of history’s biggest events, triumphs, disasters, and true stories in ‘I Was There.’ Besides, the series also gives you a fresh and surprising perspective on these pivotal moments in history.


7. Forged in Fire

Starring David Baker, Ben Abbot, Grady Powell, Jason Knight, and others, ‘Forged in Fire’ is a reality series that shows top bladesmiths pitted against one another. They compete to create historical-edged weapons and prove their effectiveness in a series of daunting challenges.


8. American Pickers

It is an American reality television series that will take you on Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz’s mission to recycle the United States. The duo is seen traveling around America to pick up several items, such as antique motorbikes, oil cans, old bicycles, air-cooled Volkswagen, etc. for their clients and personal collections.


9. Swamp People

Produced by Original Media, Swamp People is an American series that initially aired in 2010. It takes you on the journey of alligator hunters staying in the wild swamplands of the Atchafalaya River basin.


Hence, you now know the different historic TV shows that you can stream this year. Thus, let’s understand how to watch them.


This is why we’ve curated a comprehensive guide below that’ll help you understand the process:


1: Visit the Airtel website to buy a DTH connection

2: Now, Check out some of their best dth offers and packages

3: Choose the right DTH plan of your choice and pay for the selected channels. For instance, if you’ve opted for History TV, you should pay the specified amount to view programs streaming on History TV

4: After the payment is complete, turn on History TV on your big screen

5: Finally, binge-watch the above-mentioned shows all you want


Therefore, streaming shows on History TV using the best DTH offers from Airtel is quite simple. So, see to it that you get an affordable Airtel DTH connection that provides access to it. Happy Binging!