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Cartoon Shows on Jetix

List of Most Popular Cartoon Shows on Jetix

When it comes to popular cartoon channels, Jetix has always been a huge favourite. The cartoons on Jetix have become so popular over time, that some of them are considered legendary. Therefore, whether you are an adult or a kid, it is time for a trip down memory lane as we take you through some of the best Jetix cartoons or TV shows over the years.

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List of 50 most popular cartoons on Jetix

  1. Power Rangers: Mystic Force
  2. Power Rangers: SPD
  3. Yin Yang Yo!
  4. Pucca
  5. Goosebumps
  6. Galactik Football
  7. WITCH
  8. Get Ed
  9. Oban Star Racers
  10. Kid vs. Kat
  11. Monster Buster Club
  12. A.T.O.M.
  13. Martin Mystery
  14. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
  15. American Dragon
  16. The Tofus
  17. Magi Nation 
  18. Chaotic
  19. Inspector Gadget
  20. Power Rangers
  21. Grossology
  22. Fantastic Four
  23. What’s with Andy?
  24. Robo Roach
  25. NASCAR Racers
  26. Jimmy Two Shoes
  27. Sonic X
  28. Legend of the Dragon
  29. Captain Flamingo
  30. Urban Vermin
  31. Dragon Booster
  32. Silverwing
  33. World of Quest
  34. Power Rangers Jungle Fury
  35. Team Galaxy 
  36. Mummy
  37. Recess
  38. Jacky Chan Adventures
  39. Spider-Man Unlimited
  40. Iron Man
  41. Huntik
  42. X-Men
  43. Hero – Bhakti Hi Shakti Hai
  44. The Smurfs
  45. The Owl
  46. Diabolik
  47. Copa Jetix
  48. Dave The Barbarian
  49. Funky Cops
  50. The Mummy

The Best Jetix cartoon shows

Here are some of the most famous Jetix cartoon shows that you should absolutely watch (regardless of your age)!

Jacky Chan Adventures

Genre: Adventure

IMDb rating: 7.4

We all know about Jackie Chan, the legendary actor with incredible martial arts skills. In this animated series on Jetix, Jackie Chan must fend off a powerful underworld organisation from wreaking havoc.

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Spider-Man Unlimited

Genre: Action fiction 

IMDb rating: 6.3

Well, Spiderman needs no introduction, right? In Spider-Man Unlimited, your friendly neighbourhood swinging superhero aka Peter Parker is out to defend Earth from an enemy he knows very little about. The High Evolutionary is a ruler who wants to take over Earth, and nothing can stop him but Spider-Man. But does he have what it takes to fend off an alien invasion? 

Kid Vs. Kat

Genre: Animation, comedy

IMDb rating: 6.1

Coop and his sister are not on the best of terms, and she is quite unruly. However, all hell breaks loose when she goes on and adopts a stray cat. Coop eventually realises that the cat is out to destroy his life and starts gathering evidence so that he can complain to his parents. Somehow, all the evidence always goes missing. How will Coop manage in a household like this? 

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Galactic Football

Genre: Football, sports, Sci-Fi

IMDb rating: 7.7

The Galactik Football Cup is a universal football competition, with participants from planets all over. The Snow Kids, hailing from the home planet of Akilian, have set their sights on the cup. However, what they face is an enormous task, as there are teams that are far more powerful and better experienced than them. Galactic Football is one of the most famous cartoon shows on Jetix and it is popular even today.

American Dragon: Jake Long

Genre: Animation, action

IMDb rating: 6.6

Jake is a normal 13-year-old teenager but with a huge secret. Hailing from a family that is half human and half dragon, Jake is undergoing serious training in order to become the very first American Dragon. With the mission of protecting all the magical creatures in Manhattan, Jake takes lessons from his grandpa and a 600-year-old dog named Fu. 

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Iron Man

Genre: Animation, action

IMDb rating: 6.6

Just like Spider-Man, Iron Man is yet another Marvel TV show that you can watch on Jetix. Everyone’s favourite tongue-in-cheek billionaire Tony Stark is up against his arch nemesis in this Jetix cartoon, named The Mandarin. But will Tony win this war against one of his most powerful nemesis?

Huntik – Secrets and Seekers

Genre: Adventure

IMDb rating: 8.2

Hailing from the Huntik Foundation, Dante Vale and his associates travel the world in search of strange locations and lost treasures. On their way, they often face evil forces who are out to destroy them. Thankfully, the Huntik Foundation gets help from the Titans, who help them in their hour of need. Will Dante be finally successful in his mission, as he wages a fight against a powerful organisation led by a man who is only known as The Professor?

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Genre: Action fiction

IMDb rating: 8.4


Based on the Marvel characters, X-Men is an incredible Jetix TV show that accompanies you on the journey of mutants. Professor Charles Xavier leads his mutants against corrupt Government agencies and officials, who want the power of mutants for their benefit. Along the way, the X-Men will also have to fight the rogue mutant Magneto and his very own band of mutants. 

There, these are some of the most famous and widely loved TV shows or cartoons that you can watch on Jetix. Do note that this is not the complete list of cartoons on Jetix. There are far more cartoons and shows on Jetix, all of which have been incredibly popular over the years. 

In the year 2009, Jetix was discontinued, and the channel name was rebranded as Disney XD. You can now watch all the same shows on Disney XD as you used to see on Jetix. Therefore, there hasn’t been a lot of change, other than the obvious renaming.

Well, if the list of cartoons on Jetix are making you remember the good old days of childhood? Then go ahead and get access to the best cartoon channels on your new Airtel DTH connection