ZeePlex FAQ

Q1) What is ZeePlex?

ZeePlex is a service for Airtel DTH customers to watch the latest/ new movie releases, from the safety and comfort of their homes. Please note that you must have an active account to successfully book and watch a movie on your set top box.


Q2) Who is eligible for booking on ZeePlex?

All Airtel DTH customers are available for ZeePlex. In case you are not an Airtel DTH customer, you can purchase a new DTH connection and avail the ZeePlex Service


Q3) How can I book the movie?

The movies can be booked online via www.airtel.in/dth/zeeplex or by visiting to nearest retailer.


Q4) Do I need to keep my STB On while susbscribing to ZeePlex?

Yes, the STB should be on while subscribing to Airtel movies. For AITV and Xstream boxes, 'Live services' should be opened while subscribing to Airtel movies


Q5) What all movies are available and what are the different slots?

There are total 8 hows that are available in a day- 12 am/ pm, 3 am/ pm, 6 am/ pm, 9am/ pm. On 2nd October, there are only 4 shows- 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm. However, post 2nd Oct, there will be 8 shows- 12 am/ pm, 3 am/ pm, 6 am/ pm, 9am/ pm


Q6) When will movie start and how will it be played

The movie will start exactly after 10 minutes of the slot time. For example- if movie slot is at 12 PM, the movie will start exactly at 12:10 PM and first part of the movie will be played followed by interval of 2 minutes. Then second part of the movie will be played out post the interval


Q7) Can I reschedule/ cancel the movies?

There is no possibility to cancel/ reschedule the movies


Q8) What is the cost of the movie?

Subscription price of the movie may vary and will be informed at the time of placing the order


Q9) How do I watch the movie on ZeePlex?

Once the movie is purchased for a particular time slot, you will be provided with the relevant Channel Number via SMS on which you will be able to view the selected movie at the chosen timeslot. Please keep your set top box ON 30 minutes before the movie start time for a seamless experience.


Q10) Can I use my existing DTH wallet balance for booking a movie?

You can only book the movie via a link which is being shared on your registered telephone number. It will not be possible to book a movie from Airtel DTH wallet. However, please note that you must have an active account to successfully book and watch a movie on your set top box.


Q11) I have 2 or more Airtel DTH connections. Can I watch the booked movie on all/any connection?

In case you have multiple Set Top Boxes registered with your number, you will be required to select the connection where you want to stream the movie. Once you have selected the box, you can browse available movies and book a movie of your choice. This movie will then be available ONLY on the Box which you had selected at the start of the booking process.


Q12) What messsage will come on the screen if customer hasn’t subscribed to Airtel movies?

There will be a On Screen Text Message with the movie title, price and booking information. This will disappear after successful subscription.


Q13) What all types of movies will come (Regional/ English/ Hindi)?

There is no such bar on the types of movies. All sort of movies would be available in different languages. For more details on the movies available, please login to the booking link - www.airtel.in/dth/zeeplex


Q14) How many times can I book a single movie title?

There is a maximum booking limit for 2 movies per movie title. If you book more than 2 movies, the booking will be cancelled and your account may be suspended.