Wi-Fi extender

Coverage+ Wi-Fi
Extender for Your Home

₹99/month + ₹1,000 security deposit

mesh Wi-Fi extender

Why coverage+ is for
your home


if you have a home with big rooms & multiple floors with many smart devices, all you need is 100% Wi-fi coverage​that provides a steady and strong signal throughout the area. .Coverage + does all this for you

mesh Wi-Fi extender

Take wifi beyond
boundaries with coverage+


it ensures that you get a steady wifi throughout your home. so now, you can work, study & stream without leaving your favourite corner.

no more roaming around the house to get a strong wifi

Wi-Fi range extender
Wi-Fi range extender
home Wi-Fi extender

No more compromising on speed & space


connect up to 60+ devices, simultaneously laptops, mobiles, TVs, gaming consoles & more- connect them all. get steady wifi on every device anywhere in your home

home Wi-Fi extender



₹99/month + ₹1,000 security deposit

home Wi-Fi extender

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Airtel Mesh Wi-Fi Extender – FAQs

Can I add a Wi-Fi range extender to an existing router?

Yes, you can add a Wi-Fi extender system to an existing router as long as you have an Airtel Xstream Fiber connection. All you need to do is select a plan that works for you and talk to Airtel experts for the installation.

How much range Airtel Wi-Fi range extender can increase?

It depends on which Airtel Coverage+ Wi-Fi Mesh you choose. If you go for the Coverage+ Solution, the Wi-Fi can be expanded for areas less than 4,000 Sq ft. As a Coverage+ Premium Solution user, your Wi-Fi

How to use Airtel Wi-Fi extender?

It is quite easy to use the Airtel Wi-Fi Extender. Airtel executives will identify your home’s or office space’s dark spots and plant the Wi-Fi pods accordingly. These pods will communicate with the main router and extend the signal. You can connect all your devices (up to 60) and enjoy the same level of internet connectivity everywhere.

How can I decide which Wi-Fi extender to buy?

Analyse your coverage needs and compare prices for Wi-Fi extender solutions online. Choose the one which is compatible with your existing router and has good customer reviews. If you are taking a new Airtel Xstream connection, make sure to go for an Airtel Wi-Fi extender solution for the best results.

Can I use a Wi-Fi extender with any router?

Yes, most of the mesh Wi-Fi systems work with any router. However, there can be a few traditional routers that transmit signals from a single point. Such a router might not work with a Wi-Fi extender system which requires the router to broadcast signals from multiple points.

How to set up a Wi-Fi extender with old routers?

It can be technical to set up a Wi-Fi extender with old routers. Take the help of the Airtel team to set up mesh Wi-Fi in the correct way. Sometimes, your old router might not support the extender system. Make sure to upgrade your router to extend your Wi-Fi signal.

How are mesh Wi-Fi extenders different from routers?

A traditional router is centralized and transmits signals from a single point. On the other hand, the Airtel Wi-Fi extender is not centralized. It transmits signals from multiple points (Wi-Fi pods) to ensure there are no Wi-Fi dark spots.

What is backhaul in mesh home Wi-Fi extender?

Backhaul refers to the communication that takes place between the Wi-Fi extender router and other Wi-Fi pods placed at strategic locations.

What is a Wi-Fi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender network is designed to eliminate all kinds of dead zones in your residence or business area. In more technical terms, it is a multi-modal form of Wi-Fi network. This means that when we are talking about a Wi-Fi extender router, you will have one primary router and many other extenders all around the room to boost your network. This creates a Wi-Fi network that is much more robust and provides you with a strong internet connection, no matter where you are.

A traditional router is only able to broadcast Wi-Fi signals from a single point. However, with a Wi-Fi extender, you get wider internet coverage. If you are interested in the best mesh Wi-Fi extender connection for your home or business, then you are at the right place!

Features of Airtel Wi-Fi Extender

Here are some of the features of the Airtel Wi-Fi extender system:

1. the Airtel Wi-Fi extender will provide you with one single Wi-Fi name and a single password. No more multiple networks that would make your lives unnecessarily complicated.

2. With a Wi-Fi extender system, seamless roaming is now finally possible. Hence, you will be connected to the Wi-Fi in your home, no matter which corner of the house you are in.

3. The Wi-Fi extender routers will make use of adaptive routing to provide you with the best internet connection. Thus, you will always get the fastest internet speeds.

4. The Wi-Fi extender system also holds the power to self-heal your connections. Even if one of the nodes does not work well, your connection will automatically get routed via another node that is working perfectly well.

How does the Airtel Wi-Fi extender work?

Understanding how the Airtel Wi-Fi extender works is quite easy. It uses a network of multiple extenders to create a network via which Wi-Fi signals travel freely.

These Wi-Fi extenders should ideally be placed all around your home, in specific locations, so that there are no remaining dead spots. Do remember that all these devices share the same network name and password, so these devices are part of the same network.

It is also important to note that each of these extenders plays a key role in ensuring that your Wi-Fi network is smooth and efficient. It is because of these nodes that even the ones which are located the farthest from the Wi-Fi router can provide a seamless Wi-Fi connection.

Need for Wi-Fi extender System

A Wi-Fi extender network can be a game-changer for homes that have plenty of dead spots all around. If you have weak or incomplete Wi-Fi at home, then a Wi-Fi extender is the answer for you. Traditional Wi-Fi networks are limited when it comes to larger homes. Switch to a Wi-Fi extender setup and get the most powerful network connection for your home.

Another added benefit is that you will not have to log in to different connections all over the house – a single Wi-Fi name and a single password is all that it takes.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Range Extender

Here are some of the many benefits of having a mesh system:

1. It will help you to create a single network that services your entire home. One Wi-Fi name and one Wi-Fi password for all your devices.

2. Your Wi-Fi extender network is incredibly smart and foolproof. Your network will stay active even if one of the nodes stops working.

3. Long-range connectivity is now stable and constant with Wi-Fi extenders.

4. Managing and setting up your Wi-Fi extender is also extremely easy.

5. Handling your smart home products is also much easier with a Wi-Fi extender.

Comparison Between Airtel Wi-Fi Extender Vs Extender

Don’t confuse the Airtel Wi-Fi extender system with your traditional Wi-Fi extender!

Airtel Wi-Fi Extender vs. Traditional Extender

Let’s understand the Airtel Wi-Fi Extender vs regular extender better through the table below:

Criteria Airtel Wi-Fi Extender System Traditional Wi-Fi Extender
The direction of signal extension In different directions depending on the placement of the units* In one direction
Wi-Fi dark spots No Wi-Fi dark spots Possibility of Wi-Fi dark spots
Communicationpattern Every unit can communicate in any sequence or pattern with each other. Unit(s) can only communicate with the main router, not each other.
Automatic switch between Wi-Fi networks Can switch automatically between Wi-Fi networks The user has to switch between Wi-Fi networks manually.
In-built radios Includes radios in each unit for communication. Doesn’t have radios in-built for communication.
Wi-Fi communication Doesn’t use Wi-Fi communication Uses Wi-Fi communication
Quality of signal Better Wi-Fi signal and speeds throughout the home. Average Wi-Fi signal and speed after degradation of the signal.

*Units here refer to mesh devices or Wi-Fi pods that are placed in different spots to provide the same level of internet throughout a given area.