Steps to Follow

Refer and earn Airtel discount coupon in four easy steps


Invite your friends

Refer any Airtel service via Airtel Thanks App


Choose service to refer

Broadband, Postpaid, DTH Airtel Black, Prepaid


Share referral Link

Your friend activates Airtel service using your link


Receive ₹300 coupon

You both get airtel coupons of up to ₹300 on Thanks App

Here is what you Earn!

  • Services to refer
  • You Get
  • Your friends Get
  • refer_and_earn Broadband
  • ₹300
  • ₹300
  • refer_and_earn Postpaid
  • ₹300
  • ₹300
  • refer_and_earn DTH
  • ₹300
  • ₹300
  • refer_and_earn Black
  • ₹300
  • ₹300
  • refer_and_earn Prepaid
  • ₹100
  • ₹100

How to claim

Follow three simple steps to claim your rewards


Step 1

Open Thanks App to pay your bills


Step 2

Apply coupon at the time of bill payment


Step 3

Get instant ₹300 off

FAQs on Airtel Coupon: Refer & Earn

1. How will I receive my airtel coupon?

You will receive a notification via SMS once your coupon is activated. The airtel coupon will get activated once the referrer has activated his service

2. How many coupons do I receive for a successful referral?

For every successful referral, you will receive 1 unique airtel coupon on the Airtel Thanks app once the referee has activated the service

3. What are the advantages on FWA Internet Connection?

For referee
you have to apply the airtel coupon while recharging post-first recharge on Prepaid/Xstream Box opted by him/her and can be applied in the first bill payment for Postpaid. If the service activated is Xstream Fiber, Airtel Black it would be on the second bill payment. The coupon has to be applied only on the Airtel Thanks App.
The referrer
can use the airtel coupon on the first recharge/bill payment in either of the services activated and availed by him/her viz; Postpaid/Xstream Fiber/ Airtel Black/Prepaid/Xstream Box. The coupon has to be applied only on the Airtel Thanks App.

4. What is the validity of airtel referee coupon?

The coupon is valid for 13 months from the date of issue.

5. Can I use the airtel coupon amount in multiple transactions?

One coupon can be applied at a time and the entire amount has to be redeemed in one go.
o If the coupon value is higher than the recharge/bill payment value, the remaining balance cannot be utilised separately for any other transaction and will get lapsed.

6. Where can I check if the person I referred to had his service activated?

Go to the referral section from the Referral homepage or “My Coupons” section on Thanks App and check for the coupon status. The coupon will get activated once the referee has activated his service

7. Can I transfer the airtel coupon to someone I know?

Coupons can be used against any service/product - Postpaid/Xstream Fiber/ DTH Connection / Airtel Black/Prepaid, linked to the mobile number for which the coupon has been issued.

8. Can the coupon be encashed at an Airtel store?

No, it can only be redeemed on your next recharge/bill payment.

9. Can I use the airtel coupon to shop online?

The coupon value can only be used for doing an Airtel recharge/bill payment for any service/product – Airtel Black, Prepaid, Postpaid, Xstream Fiber or DTH Connection

10. Do I need to be in the same state as my referred friend?

No. Referrers and referees can be from different states within India.

11. Will I be eligible to claim the cost incurred in sending a referral to my friend?

No, you agree to incur all the costs to refer your friend.

12. How many people can I refer for the scheme?

If you are a registered Airtel Customer in India, you can refer any number of people. There’s no cap on the number of referrals (Note: Customer must be eligible to be considered a valid referrer ).

13. How will I know if my airtel coupon has been used?

Once a coupon is utilized, the coupon section will display it as “Used”.

14. Can I refer someone in my family?

While you can refer your family members to join Airtel but for Airtel Postpaid family pack customers - Parent to child referral is not allowed

15. What happens in case there are any pending charges on the referred mobile number?

Porting your SIM from any network to Airtel is free but the payments due to be paid related to the number which is being ported-in should be cleared in accordance with the extant regulatory provisions in place under Mobile Number Portability Regulation 2009.

16. Who is a valid referrer?

Any Airtel active customer is considered a valid referrer

17. Who is a valid referee?

Any user who gets a new service(Postpaid/Xstream Fiber/ DTH Connection / Airtel Black/Prepaid) activated via the Airtel Referral Program

18. Can I refer to the same person more than once?

You can refer a friend only once for any one Airtel service – prepaid/Postpaid/Airtel Black/ Xstream Fiber/Xstream DTH.

19. I am moving out of Airtel, but I still want to refer a friend. Is it allowed?

You can refer your friend to Airtel but you won’t be able redeem your voucher