Airtel would strive to conduct its business in a manner that reflects its vision and brand essence. As the sourcing base expands, airtel will only do business with partners who are committed to a long term relationship focusing on mutual growth and trust. All Partners are responsible for making sure that airtel's vision and brand essence is adhered to when subcontracting any portion of their obligations. Partners are individually responsible for ensuring that their employees understand airtel's vision and brand essence.

Regulatory Compliance

All Partners of airtel must operate within the bounds of all applicable laws. They must also adhere to the governing standards of the country and international countries in which they conduct business. If at anytime a Partner ceases to meet any statutory and/or other requirement of the country in which they are doing business, airtel reserves the right to immediately cancel all its outstanding orders with that Partner as well as terminate its agreement with the Partner.

Corporate Citizenship

Airtel believes in Corporate Citizenship. airtel is committed to protecting the environment wherever it does business. As a responsible corporate citizen we will favor those Partners who share our commitment to the community and the environment, as well as those who conform to all local requirements regarding environmental codes and guidelines.

Corporate Citizenship

All potential partners are required to undergo the registration process to be considered for business with airtel. On successful completion, the partner would be added to airtel's Supplier Base and a registration code would be provided. Only registered partners would be considered for new business opportunities. The registration code would be rendered inactive for partners not meeting the requirements of the registration process. Once deactivated, partners would be required to go through the registration process again.

Number of Partners and Business Share

All partners working with airtel would have a unique partner code and would be applicable for all their business units globally. airtel would have a maximum of 6 to 8 partners registered for any product or service. RFP would be released to registered partners only.

Airtel at any point of time would release a contract to a maximum of 3 partners for a product or service with a business share split of 60%, 30% and 10%. Incase 2 partners are contracted; the business share split would be 67% and 33%. Business share would be primarily based on partner performance score card. airtel would provide higher business share for partners who help it to improve its technology, competitiveness and customer delight. In case where all criteria are similar the decision would be based on the partner's dependence on airtel. Any deviation would be approved at a level higher as per DOA. Single partner for a product or service would be approved through a specific DOA.


Airtel's goal is to buy products and services which have the best prices, quality, delivery, and technology. airtel encourages partners to use its products for their telecom requirements and would prefer partners endorsing bharti airtel products where all criteria requirements are being met.

Code of Ethics

Airtel expects the highest standards of integrity and conduct from its partners.
No gifts (other than advertising matter of modest values such as calendars and diaries), or favors should be offered to an employee of airtel or to friends or family of employees. Partners are expected to familiarize themselves with the airtel Code of Conduct which is available in the Partner Manual or on request, in order to avoid any ambiguity in this regard.


Supply Chain is solely responsible for selecting partners, obtaining quotations and awarding purchase orders/contracts for products, equipment, software and/or services. Direct discussions between the requesting organization and partner shall be coordinated by the Supply Chain Department. airtel will issue a purchase order / contract for all products and/or services to all partners. Work should not begin until a formal purchase order/contract is received. Partner performing a service or supplying products without the proper authorization would do so at its own cost and risk.


Airtel will treat information received from Partners in a responsible fashion, and expects Partners to treat information received from airtel in the same manner. Partners should not disclose bharti airtel as a customer, documentation received from bharti airtel or release information about relationships with bharti airtel without written consent (should such disclosures be legally required, bharti airtel will not unreasonably withhold that permission, which must be obtained in advance and in writing).

Partner Satisfaction

Airtel would conduct an annual partner satisfaction survey and use it as an important tool to continuously improve and further develop its internal and external processes with partners. In order to obtain an unbiased feedback, the survey would be conducted by an independent external agency.

Partner Awards

Airtel recognizes consistent performance of its partners annually by presenting performance awards. The awards would be primarily based on the partner performance score card. Awards would be announced and presented during the partners meets. Consistent & good performers would also be entitled to better share of business and other benefits, as would be announced from time to time by bharti airtel.

Partner Disengagement

Airtel reserves the right to cancel all orders and/or contracts with a partner in cases where there is an unethical practice used, code of conduct violation, partner bankruptcy or insolvency, ownership transfer and/or any other reason deemed fit for disengagement. airtel would follow a structured approach for disengagement to ensure the smooth transitioning where separation becomes inevitable.

Partner Grievance

Airtel's Partner grievance process ensures a Partner's ability to access airtel's corporate assurance group and leadership to address concerns, grievances, or complaints relating to the contracting award process for products or services, or in general.

  • A Partner who believes that a contract award decision was not determined appropriately must file a written grievance using the Partner Grievance form stating facts and concerns. The completed form must be sent via e-mail to
  • A Partner who has a general concern, grievance, or complaint must file a written grievance using the Partner Grievance form stating facts and concerns. The completed form must be sent to the supplier Ombudsperson at airtel via e-mail
Partner Manual

Airtel releases a Partner manual outlining the partner engagement processes. All partners are required to obtain a copy of the manual from airtel's supply chain team and have it understood by all employees interacting with the airtel organization.