1200+ Partnerships

With over 1200+ partnerships with carriers and operators across the world, SMS, data, and calls are terminated in a fairly quickly and without loss of any data.

100+ Direct CLI Termination

Offering secured call lines, we have a network of 100+ direct CLI termination operators, making sure that the calls you receive are high quality

Highly Competitive Pricing

With a spread out the network, we offer attractive discounts and offers to our clients, customized according to their requirements!

Critical Retail Routing

Broadening the geographic reach and covering more locations, simultaneously widening the coverage for better connectivity.

High Quality CLI

Offering high-end CLI facility, caller’s details are transmitted to the receiver, for convenient and secured communication.

Roaming Support

Offering international roaming support, without needing you to change the SIM or service provider.

Mix of retail & wholesale routing

Offering you the best of both worlds, Airtel Global Voice offers retail and wholesale routing for organizations and carrier partners.

Wholesale Routing

Enabling quicker voice termination across the globe, we make sure that you get uninterrupted connectivity through our rock solid carrier partnerships and associations.

High Quality via TDM & IP

Enabling high-quality multimedia communication sessions and voice termination, through TDM & IP platform

Wholesale Routing

Offering seamless wholesale routing for all voice communication needs.

Real-time Integration

Real-time integration among databases, partners and channels.

IP Platform Enabled

The service is IP enabled, making sure that you receive uninterrupted connectivity.