Every monumental year for an industry brings with it certain decisive turn of priorities that change its landscape, for good. The same has been true for telecommunication this year. FY’18 has been quite disruptive for the industry in India for more reasons than one – and hence quite transformational as well. A highly competitive intensity reigned, and amidst all that we chose to keep our eyes less on the downward spiral of obstacles and more on the rising graph of possibilities – the greatest of which has been venturing beyond being purely mobile oriented to a comprehensive digital service provider.

India has always been a mobile first market, and with the role of a smartphone extending beyond just a communication device has further expedited a massive rollout of networks on the part of the providers – including us, which led to the creation of a high speed broadband network in India. The penetration of affordable handsets has increased; convergence of Payments via smartphones and the demonetization and cashless drive has acted as a catalyst for the growth of digital payments in India and the convergence of telecom services like connectivity, entertainment, education, and banking has led to a greater level of convenience and freedom for our customers as they are now able to run their day to day lives from the gadget in their hand.

As per IAMAI, the number of internet users in India will grow significantly in 2018 – the growth being visible in both urban and rural areas.

The high-speed mobile broadband penetration in India has been at an all time high, and there has been a major shift in the data consumption trends of both the individual and group nature. And to top it all, by 2020, India will be the world’s youngest country with 64% of its population in the working age group – which will be an unprecedented edge, considering the crucial relevance of mobile data usage in this demographic for learning, financial transactions, healthcare, shopping and so on.

Hence, at Airtel, we are keeping pace with the rapidly shifting landscape of telecom in modern India by deepening our roots and extending our reach in the digital services arena. As always, we are committed to making the lives of our millions of customers easier by staying one step ahead, envisioning their present as well as future needs and being ready to provide them with it all

by creating a digitally connected world.