Moving ahead on India’s Digitalization Journey

At Airtel X labs, our work fundamentally transforms the way people communicate and businesses operate. Since our early days in the mobile era, we have rallied relentlessly to break down communication barriers. Today, our work goes beyond telecom – we build products that entertain and inform, connect devices to the internet, and enable businesses to securely harness the power of their data. Our focus, however, has remained to deliver solutions that truly enrich the lives of our customers.

On Track with Digital Affordability:
The Online Store (

To unlock affordability for customers, to enable them to buy their aspirational handsets like the apple iphone, samsung and nokia, we launched the Airtel Online Store. This is an intricate ecosystem of lenders, logistics companies & distributors to offer these handsets at an affordable price at the customer’s doorstep.

Moving away from the limited credit card schemes or conventional paper lending, at Airtel device platform, we are working with multiple lenders across India to solve the affordability issue with innovative digital lending methodologies. It is a partnership led model of 100% digital lending where, along with OEMs like Apple, Samsung and Nokia, we have created an ecosystem of lenders, logistics companies and distributors to offer aspirational handsets at an affordable price at customer’s doorstep.

Hitting the Bull’s eye:
Network Deployment Process & Analytics

With an objective to digitize all network processes: deployment, planning, quality – including iWAN site & fiber deployment; drive increased self-care and online resolution of customer complaints; and add network experience to the customer profile for better targeting of offers, we created the Bull’s Eye portal for internal usage – for deployment process and analytics.

Airtel and South Korea telecom have partnered to create a big data analytics platform that can gather large amounts of network telemetry data to assess the quality of the network at a granular level in order to take smarter investment planning decisions and optimize the network for better customer experience.

Making Lives Easier:
Airtel Home

TTo enhance customer experience by enabling one single billing across postpaid, telemedia and DTH, and discounts on bundles, we have built the Airtel Home.

One Home, One Bill: The digital platform transforms customer experience by enabling bundling of multiple Airtel services within the home – broadband, fixed line, postpaid mobile and digital TV. Customers also get one bill, premium customer support and enjoy up to 10% discount on their total bill.

‘Airtel Home’ allows customers to bundle multiple Airtel relationships – home broadband (and fixed line), postpaid mobile and digital TV* as a single account with a unified interface on My Airtel app and enjoy amazing convenience, peace of mind and loads of other benefits.

Single Bill for all Airtel services: With ‘Airtel Home’, customers are liberated from the hassle of making multiple payments across multiple bill cycles for different Airtel connections within the family. No need to remember multiple payment dates from now on. Airtel Home offers the convenience of a single bill for all services. What’s more you can add Airtel connections from any location in the country.

  • Premium Customer Support: ‘Airtel Home’ users will get access to premium customer care.
  • Discounts of up to 10% on the unified bill: Get up to 10% discount based on number of connections bundled.

* Airtel Digital TV will be made live on the ‘Airtel Home’ proposition soon

The creation of ‘Airtel Home’ allows customers to bundle their postpaid, broadband & DTH to for app and web journeys for existing broadband and existing/new postpaid customers has been completed. A comprehensive self-care for Homes is also being integrated; at the same time, a Decision Tree (DT) has been created to provide a superior experience for our customers. A pilot is underway in AP circle and a full rollout will follow subsequently.

Enriching Customer Experience:
Broadband digitization

Our aim is to bring out a better customer experience & significant cost savings by simplifying and digitizing the broadband journeys of acquisition, installation, fault repair, shifting; and to enable digital care for customers on the app and web, as well as through advisors. We have digitized the journeys end to end. We have also built predictive capabilities to diagnose the issues of the customer & auto detecting them.

Engaging Socially:

The platform helps us build capability for Listening, Engagement and Care across social and digital media, enabling faster response & care and assisting in benchmarking and managing brand tonality and engagement – all in the bid to ensure better experience for our customers on social media.

We have upgraded to the new platform, Sprinklr, which is also integrated with Airtel Business Support Systems [BSS] to capture and provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

Marking insights Real-Time:
DARTS (Digital Analytics and Real-Time Strategy)

To enable contextually relevant marketing campaigns, insights to business for growth initiatives as well as manage customer experience, DARTS is a unified customer analytics platform that aggregates data from CRMs, billing systems, network, in store visits, DTH, Telemedia, WYNK, My Airtel etc to prepare near real time insights for the customers. This platform serves as foundation for revenue assurance as well as use cases such as Airtel Secure, data rollover, proactive experience management, credit line for customers, recharge information on DT 2.0.

Making Business Savvy:
Global Business voice portal

Airtel Business rolled out the first-of-its-kind carrier digital platform for wholesale voice. The innovative digital platform offers paperless sign-up, quick voice interconnects and realtime traffic analytics for global carriers across the world, along with allowing customers to buy voice termination services from Airtel and also enabling them to propose sell rates for their target markets.

With on-boarding time reduced to a few hours, the platform also offers live rates for routes across the world enabling faster decision making for traffic exchange. The voice platform, designed on the basis of extensive customer insights, will empower global carriers with ease of business and enhanced efficiency.

With the first successful step in place we plan to soon provision a single window on the digital platform for product discovery, on-boarding, billing, payment, enquiry, and support across multiple B2B data products.

Making Care Simpler:
Self-care for customers & Decision Tree

My Airtel app and as self-care channels were developed with fully digital journeys to enable the customer to manage Airtel products i.e. Mobile, Homes (Broadband) and Direct-ToHome. The roll out an intelligent Decision Tree (DT) as a tool for diagnosis and resolution has transformed the way our advisors work at our contact centers.

To deliver an enhanced care experience for our customers across all channels, we have developed decision trees. Decision tree ensures that our customer care advisors & store representatives have access to the same information about the customer, leading to a delightful experience across all touch points.

Digital self-care has enabled our customers to actively engage on our digital properties to manage their Airtel numbers. Powered by diagnostic capabilities through decision tree (DT), the self care obviates the need for customers to call the contact centers for service related issues.

My Airtel App

My Airtel app is meant to be the all-purpose Swiss-knife for our (potential) users. And to get this done, the team has been working on enabling personalization in the true sense, using the recommendation engine which is work in progress. And to enable acquiring new users, so that they can see true value the app has to offer, and to incentivize loyal users, the team has also built a coupon engine platform which can be used to enable closed-loop discounts/incentives (which return to our system), thus also helping in retention.

The My Airtel app team is also working on building a generic referral system in place, which can leverage the coupon platform to reduce S&D cost, by having our loyal customers acquire for us. The digital platform is also making payments democratized, so that new users can be acquired who prefer other payment modes, like 3rd party wallets. One of the core focus for the app team is to make it super easy for the users to maximize the usage of all the services they pay for, so that we can then get to upselling more effectively

The app team is also leveraging the network-side feasibility APIs, to better target new connection acquisition. The app will also enable easy of discovery of features and user requests using global search in the app.

Digital Brain

The Digital Brain (customer 360) is one of the most powerful intelligent and predictive platforms of its kind. It will understand each customer personally and contextually and enable us to engage with customers how they want, where they want and when they want for our own services as well as with the string of partnerships we develop. Leveraging AI it will also allow us to give our customers the best experience on our network in real time and allow us to predict problems and resolve them. It is a game changer.