Materiality Assessment

Airtel’s approach towards responsible and sustainable business practices undergoes a systematic mapping through regular engagement with its internal and external stakeholders. This practice helps the Company to prioritize key sustainability issues in terms of relevance to its business and stakeholders, including society and environment. It rigorously conducts a detailed materiality assessment, which enables it to map stakeholders’ expectations with its business priorities, risks and opportunities.

In FY 2017-18, Airtel revisited the Materiality Analysis process and performed a detailed stakeholder surveys to identify material issues/ sustainability concerns with the highest relevance and impact. In order to streamline the process, identification and categorization of its key stakeholders, (both internal and external) was performed. The key stakeholders identified include: Customers, Employees, Business Partners (Suppliers and Vendors), Community, Investors, Government Bodies Industry Associations, NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and Academic Institutions. Stakeholder engagement activities were carried out among respective categories of stakeholders with the help of questionnaires. The similar exercise was performed with the Airtel Management Board to delineate the business priorities, which when mapped with the stakeholders’ concerns, fetched the sustainability issues that demanded enhanced strategic and operational attention.

Detailed Materiality Analysis process and Stakeholder Engagement shall form a part of Sustainability Report of the Company at

Stakeholder Profiles and Mapping