Revolutionizing Connectivity in Manufacturing: Five compelling reasons every CTO should consider SD-WAN

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The digital transformation of manufacturing, also known as smart manufacturing, has put enormous pressure on the network. A reliable, secure SD-WAN solution can help manufacturers accelerate digital transformation without time lags or cybersecurity risks.

So, what do CTOs look for in their SD-WAN solution? Let’s examine why SD-WAN can make their lives easier.

  1. The need to create a reliable and robust digital ecosystem ready for growth

CTOs are feeling the pressure to deliver enhanced connectivity and reliable performance. The manufacturing ecosystem is now operationally technology-dependent and needs speed and reliability.

One of the first steps is to move operations to the cloud and help steer critical cloud traffic depending on the user to reduce latency and increase application performance.

Therefore, an ecosystem built to manage hybrid working, employee remote working locations, cloud security, and better access controls to run the system from anywhere.

And finally, to automate the entire security orchestration based on application types and threats. SD-WAN technology ensures reliable network performance, keeping all of this in focus.

  1. Supercharge operations with a connected network

Manufacturing today operates globally and has factories and operational sites across the world. SD-WAN delivers a platform with high network performance that is flexible and cost-effective. With intelligent connectivity, it automatically navigates and delivers performance better than MPLS.

  1. Faster deployment of sites and easier network equipment 

If one thing the manufacturing industry is planning extensively in 2024 is its growth.

With growth comes extensive expansion, newer locations, operational locations, factory locations, delivery points, and multiple manufacturing factories. These new sites must be deployed quickly, effectively, installed, and maintained with minimal support and cost.

You can deploy a site within minutes using this scalable and flexible technology. The managed software-designed orchestration eliminates the need to prepare and send personnel to sites. New locations are set up automatically and distributed within minutes while minimizing contact and error.

  1. Cost savings

Most traditional MPLS are costly to deploy and maintain.

Airtel SD-WAN provides cost-effective alternatives without compromising performance while optimizing traffic flow and reducing reliance on expensive dedicated circuits.

  1. Mitigate cybersecurity risks

Manufacturing was one of the sectors most targeted for ransomware attacks in 2022. While manufacturers are focusing on the ROI of digital transformation, keeping data and systems protected must now be given equal priority.

SD-WAN incorporates advanced security features like encryption, network segmentation and threat detection to secure the network against data breaches and cyber-attacks.

SD-WAN employs strategies to sense, monitor, take action, and protect against other potential risks, meeting the challenges with a foolproof ecosystem, ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access), or Zero Trust segmentation to segregate the networks to limit the spread of attacks and malware.

  1. Complete end-to-end visibility

With an SD-WAN solution, CTOs gain centralized visibility over their entire network infrastructure. It helps with monitoring, troubleshooting, more efficient resource distribution, and faster response to network issues.

Airtel Managed SD-WAN provides end-to-end visibility with single-pane-of-glass management for the total manufacturing stack, including IoT and OT (operational technology) devices.

SD-WAN gives manufacturing CTOs total control to swiftly address network challenges and prepare for newer challenges faced in industrial environments.

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