What is Parallel Ringing? Setup and Activation Procedure

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Parallel Ringing

Ever since the work culture shifted to remote offices, we’ve been working on different ways to enhance the work experience and improve productivity and efficiency. A critical requirement for any business to run smoothly is an enhanced customer experience. With parallel ringing, now you can ensure you never miss any calls.

What is Parallel Ringing?

Parallel Ringing is a setup that enables a call to be automatically redirected to multiple agents simultaneously. This means that you never miss a customer call, and the customers get a faster response time as there will always be an agent to respond. Once an agent answers the call, all other phones stop ringing.

Parallel Ringing is especially useful for businesses that have a customer-facing team.

How does Parallel Ringing work?

  1. A customer looks up your business’s number online or on your app and dials the number.
  2. Airtel Office Internet triggers the parallel ringing feature. All agent phones set up in the parallel ringing list start ringing simultaneously.
  3. An agent answers the call.
  4. All the other phones stop ringing automatically.

Why should I get the parallel ringing feature for my business? What are the benefits of parallel ringing?

  1. Quick customer response time

Customers can be impatient, and they expect their time to be valued by the businesses they promote. Without quick responses, there’s a good chance your customers will simply move to the next brand. The thought of customers not getting quick responses, especially at rush hours, is a scary truth every business owner needs to face.

With parallel ringing, you can provide quick and seamless assistance to any customer queries. Because the first available agent can answer any customer’s call, you can offer a faster resolution of tickets and issues. This will help you retain your existing clientele as well as stand out from your competition.

  1. No more call waiting

When multiple agents are available to take a call, customers can escape long queues, call waiting and ‘busy’ dial tone. This is especially helpful when you have increased workload and traffic. After all, you don’t want to lose out on existing or potential customers simply because of slow communication!

  1. No more missed calls

If your business operation is heavily dependent on lead conversions over phone communication, parallel ringing offers you more control over your leads and enables more conversions.

  1. Work remotely

Airtel’s parallel ringing service allows you to receive calls on your landline and your cell phone. This is a bonus solution for work-from-home and remote-work environments. Just because you’re not working from the office doesn’t mean you cannot provide quality support to your customers!

  1. Better customer experience

Did you know that 61% of customers don’t give a business a second chance after having one poor service experience? Technology solutions like parallel ringing can help in building lasting connections.

Always being available and easy-to-reach enhances brand value and improves customer relations. This is crucial for maintaining and growing your business. You can set up parallel ringing with different work hours for agents to ensure that no customer issues or tickets remain unresolved.

  1. Simplified communication

Parallel ringing is a simple feature. All phones ring simultaneously till one agent answers the call. Then all others stop ringing.

This simplicity enables you to divide customer calls among different agents and reduce the workload on a single agent. Customer communications couldn’t get simpler than this!

  1. Protect your privacy

You can simply share your fixed-line/landline number with customers while receiving calls on your personal mobile phone. This way, you don’t have to share your personal contact on your website or with customers, yet be available for calls when required.

  1. Reduced stress

Parallel ringing not only helps boost employee productivity but also reduces stress on the employees. It enables equal delegation of calls among the customer support team. Customer calls can be taken care of in an orderly manner, which increases efficiency and employee work quality.

Who can benefit from parallel ringing?

Parallel ringing is beneficial for any small or medium-sized business with a customer-facing team. It is especially useful where quick customer response is crucial, while it’s impossible to have large customer service teams to manage communications.

Parallel ringing is for you:

  1. If your business is in fields such as real estate, e-commerce, and logistics

Cell phone communications are vital for lead conversions. Parallel ringing can ensure that important phone calls are never missed.

  1. If your business provides emergency services such as hospitals, ambulances, and fire stations

Where immediate responses are crucial, parallel ringing can help reduce response time significantly.

  1. If your business requires constant communications with customers through phone calls

Parallel ringing can ensure your customers get the best experience.

  1. If you’re a small team managing multiple tasks that require you to work from different locations

Parallel ringing means you have control over your calls from anywhere.

  1. If your company has a work-from-home culture

Parallel ringing can help you get the professionalism you desire, even with agents working remotely from their homes.

How do I set up parallel ringing with my Airtel Office Internet broadband?

You can set up parallel ringing on your landline as well as smartphone without any extra cost by following a few simple steps.

  1. First, log into your Airtel Office Internet account and configure your Airtel landline/mobile number on it.
  2. Next, go to Settings and select Parallel Calls.
  3. Enter the list of numbers you want to add for parallel ringing.
  4. You will receive an OTP on those respective numbers. Enter the OTP, and your parallel ringing setup is complete!

To conclude:

Irrespective of the size, domain and scale, businesses can make the most of parallel ringing to strengthen their customer support. It can also help build healthier communication within the workforce.

Especially given that many businesses are moving towards remote working, simplified and efficient phone communications play a big role in business growth, building brand value and maintaining customer relations. Parallel ringing can help achieve all these goals.