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Best Leased Line Provider

Why Leased Lines Matter in India’s Connectivity Landscape

In a country like India, where technology spreads widely amongst its citizens and businesses are booming with innovations, a reliable Internet-leased line connection plays a vital role in its development. As MPLS leased lines become more popular due to their time-sensitive data processing, the leased line connection market is significantly expanding. 

With benefits like faster document sharing, real-time updates, efficient data backup, cloud storage, and extensive customer service linked by a stable internet connection, leased lines improve business infrastructure and scalability. Leading telecom giants like Bharti Airtel offer advanced business broadband leased line solutions and customize business requirements to deliver the best internet services. 

Understanding the Need for Reliable Internet Connectivity

Certain gaps in connectivity including lack of storage, slow data, disruptive communication, and unreliable connectivity impact major business processes due to every operation being digitalized today. An unreliable internet connection has been reported to cause frustration for 45% of employees, resulting in a further 38% business loss, 26% of dissatisfied customers, and 24% of missed opportunities. Utilizing a high-speed leased line enables businesses to leverage solutions that improve productivity, and work efficiency to deliver better results. 

Key aspects of this increasing dependency include: 

  • Cloud computing: Cloud-based solutions offer seamless storage, data processing, and scalability. 
  • Remote accessibility: Remote accessibility fills virtual gaps in communication via virtual meetings and conferences.
  • Customer services: Seamless customer interactions build a good reputation and trust. 
  • Operational management: Real-time updates and insights improve operational management. 

Airtel’s Commitment to Seamless Communication Solutions

Established in 1995, Bharti Airtel entered the telecommunications industry during a time of regulatory issues and market competition. Despite these challenges, it successfully emerged as a digital-first company, moving beyond mobile communications and integrated technologies like DTH, broadband, and enterprise solutions, redefining scalability. 

The company’s key strategies to prove its success revolve around delivering a customer-centric approach, diverse solutions, an extensive network, and strategic partnerships. Their major communication services include: 

  • Airtel IQ: Customer engagement solutions involving voice, SMS, and WhatsApp platforms. 
  • Broadband internet: High-speed data connectivity for homes and businesses. 
  • Leased internet lines: Dedicated leased line for organizations. 
  • MPLS: Secure data networking services. 

Unparalleled Network Infrastructure: Airtel’s Advantage

Ever since its establishment, Airtel expanded its network infrastructure across India after the successful Project Leap in 2015, marking the country’s first open network platform. This opened more opportunities for modern technologies that will function accordingly in parallel with the company’s access to mobile tower maps, strong signal zones, weak spots and high-speed internet connections. 

Key features driving the expansion of network infrastructure:

Feature Importance
Open Network Access Access to critical insights like mobile tower locations, strong signal zones, real-time data, and identifying weak spots enable businesses to optimize strategies. 
High-Speed Connectivity Stable connections across all operations improve the internet experience. 
SD-WAN  Features like dynamic load balancing, transport neutrality, and app prioritization enhance business operations. 
Unified Integration Utilizing a unified station for all public and private networks improves working efficiency. 
Security End-to-end encryption and regular policy updates ensure secure processing. 
Multi-Vendor System Strategic collaborations with leading OEMs strengthen business management. 

Reliability and Performance: Airtel’s Track Record Speaks Volumes

With over 365,000 Rkms (including IRU) access to a global network that spans 50 countries and 5 continents, Airtel boasts an impressive suite of connectivity solutions that reaches even the most remote locations. The company has strategic submarine cables and satellite networks, enabling users to stay connected, despite the distance or disruption. 

It has a consistent track record of delivering the best dedicated leased line solutions as proven by several positive reviews. One such Gartner review reads, ‘Airtel’s got this amazing network that never lets me down. It’s like having everything I need at my fingertips..’

Key features ensuring reliable performances: 

  • Stable connectivity: Fast connections for seamless browsing, streaming, and virtual meetings. 
  • Remote functionality: Use of VPNs and internet links to connect with remote servers. 
  • Real-time data: Prompt data exchange and insights to ensure consistent communication. 
  • End-to-end management: 30 years of experience in managing the overall internet lifecycle for multiple industries. 

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Business Needs 

Airtel understands that each company is unique and strives to deliver solutions that fit into its goals and existing operations. The telecom business offers various platforms and services catering to this diversity and presents customizable business broadband leased line solutions that can be tailored to meet the requirements of any business.

From startups and small businesses to large-scale corporations, Airtel’s scalable options easily allow every company to leverage its optimal connectivity solutions. For small businesses and startups, Airtel provides affordable plans including voice, SMS and other communication solutions while medium-sized and large corporations can leverage its extensive suite of higher bandwidth options.

Cost-Effectiveness without Compromising Quality

As mentioned before, Airtel offers multiple options for leased line services, catering to different-sized industries with competitive pricing without any compromise on service quality. Their flexible solutions include Internet leased line connection, unlimited data, licenses, local/STD calls and any other additional benefit that can be easily implemented to fit the business goal. This enables businesses to reduce overspending by investing in plans that ensure optimal results. 

Outlined below is a breakdown of Airtel’s pricing chart (monthly): 

  1. VIP Plan: ₹9,999
  2. Basic Plan: ₹499 
  3. Standard Plan: ₹799
  4. Advanced Plan: ₹999
  5. Premium Plan: ₹1,499
  6. Premium Plus Plan: ₹3,999

Customer-Centric Approach: Airtel’s Support and Service Excellence

One of the company’s key strategies to deliver better results revolves around its customer-centric approaches. Airtel commits to offering seamless Internet leased line services that satisfy customers across the globe. 

The company offers 24/7 helpline access to all customers through its 121 support number, ensuring swift resolution of any technical issue or queries. Similarly, the Airtel Thanks app offers enhanced customer experience by providing quick help guides, a recharge platform, banking, and chatbot support, reducing inconvenience. The company has also integrated AI-driven applications to automate support operations for better business communication, enhancing customer management and query resolution. 

Conclusion: Why Airtel Stands Out as the Best Leased Line Provider in India

From offering high-speed leased line Internet connection, reliable networks, and customized business solutions, Airtel emerges as the best-leased line service provider in India by delivering an unmatched suite of cost-effective Internet solutions. Moreover, its 24/7 customer support and proven track record of successful implementations solidify its position in satisfying diverse business requirements. 

Not only do their solutions deliver better results, but create a safe environment of trust and advancing teamwork.

Airtel Business is India’s leading and most trusted provider of ICT services with a global network across the USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, India and SAARC regions. We serve over 1200 global enterprises, 2000 large and 1 million medium/small businesses across India.