Elevate customer interactions and conversations with Airtel IQ WhatsApp Business APIs

    Say goodbye to communication obstacles as we bring to you immediate and secure messaging experiences that effortlessly cater to your customers needs.

    Create customized campaigns that speak directly to your audience

    • Boost your ROI with curated campaigns designed for better impact.
    • Deliver personalized ad creatives that resonate with millions of customers in no time.
    • Execute cart abandonment campaigns with tailored customization.
    whatsapp business api

    Offers round the clock support through our chatbots or real-time agent interactions

    • Integrated customer support on WhatsApp with bot and live agent connections.
    • Engage customers through personalized rich media content generated in runtime.
    whatsapp api send message

    Seamlessly integrate UPI payments within WhatsApp for hassle free transactions

    • Capture data from bill images.
    • Enable convenient bill payments.
    whatsapp for business

    Streamline your ordering process from managing orders to facilitating payments

    • Benefit from our merchant onboarding on ONDC network enabling ordering via buyer apps.
    • Order Management System integrated with WhatsApp ensures online servicing.
    • Our plug in works seamlessly with any POS system to engage customers while offering digital invoicing solutions.
    whatsapp api pricing

    Exclusive features of Airtel IQ WhatsApp API for business

    • Rich media messaging

      Rich media messaging

      Engage with your customers with impactful images, videos, and documents effortlessly.

    • End-to-end encryption

      End-to-end encryption

      Build trust by implementing end to end encryption to protect your conversations.

    • Two-way conversations

      Two-way conversations

      Facilitate interactions by intelligently routing messages between bots and agents, for efficient two-way conversations.

    • Verified business profiles

      Verified business profiles

      Build a recognizable and trustworthy enterprise profile.

    • Campaign manager

      Campaign manager

      Manage your brand promotions effectively with our interactive interface.

    • Delivery and read receipts

      Delivery and read receipts

      Improve customer contact rates by better tracking of communication delivery metrics.

    Impact delivered with Airtel IQ WhatsApp API for business

    • 50M+

      messages delivered for a large bank

    • Instant Resolution

      without any app or unstructured supplementary service data

    What sets Airtel IQ WhatsApp API apart?

    • Unique WhatsApp Number

      Unique WhatsApp number

      Single number for instant query resolution. Each customer mapped to an individual relationship manager.

    • One Business, One Contact

      One business, one contact

      Avoid confusion and clutter. Provide a WhatsApp number specifically assigned to your business.

    • Contextual History Record

      Contextual record

      Maintain a historical record of conversations ensures that all concerns or issues can be easily tracked and referenced.

    • Intelligent Channel Fallback

      Intelligent channel fallback

      Automatically re-route messages through channels like SMS, WhatsApp or Voice to ensure seamless communication.

    • Telco-Powered Performance

      Telco-powered performance

      WhatsApp Business API supports 250 transactions per second, resulting in enhanced mean-time to resolution and acquisition cost.

    • Partner Connect

      Partner connect

      Flexibility to choose from over 60 partners who can provide tailored solutions for your needs on WhatsApp.

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