A prominent bank achieves 99.99% service uptime using IQ SMS’s power

    Reduce chances of SMS campaign failures and get campaign delivery and delayed insights with Airtel IQ SMS API

    Overcome these challenge with Airtel IQ SMS. Deliver high-volume A2P messages securely with an outstanding uptime of 99.99%. You can gain actionable insights and be rest assured that its fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

    Amplify the impact of your campaigns with Airtel IQ SMS

    • Promotional alerts: Send personalized offers, discounts and sales notifications.
    • New product launches: Create excitement and drive awareness about new offerings.
    • Brand loyalty programs: Encourage engagement and reward loyal customers.
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    Enhance customer experience by guaranteeing instant delivery using Airtel IQ

    • Appointment reminders: Schedule appointments and send confirmation messages.
    • Delivery updates: Keep customers informed about order status, shipment tracking and estimated delivery times.
    • Feedback and surveys: Collect valuable feedback, from customers through SMS surveys for insightful analysis.
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    Ensure seamless operations with Airtel IQ's capability of sending 25,000 messages in one go

    • Order confirmations: Instantly send confirmation of orders whether made online or offline.
    • Delivery confirmations: Notify customers and businesses once deliveries have been successfully completed.
    • Maintenance and service reminders: Schedule and remind customers about maintenance and service appointments.
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    Ensure the safety of transactions with Airtel IQs end to end encryption guarantee

    • One-time passwords: Safeguard logins and transactions by using SMS codes.
    • Fraud prevention: Detect suspicious activity and notify customers about it.
    • Account verification: Confirm identity and grant access through SMS-based verification.
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    Exclusive features of Airtel IQ SMS API

    • Effective DLT Scrubbing

      Effective DLT scrubbing

      Utilize telco grade privacy assurance to eliminate spam and fraud completely.

    • Actionable Insights

      Actionable insights

      Obtain detailed SMS reports with just one click covering sender ID and multiple gateways.

    • Insightful Audit Reports

      Insightful audit reports

      Receive DoT audit compliant reports on delivery rates validated customer count and reasons, for failure (if any).

    • Delivery-based Billing

      Delivery based billing

      Pay only for messages that are successfully delivered to the end customer.

    • Blacklisting and Cleanup

      Blacklisting and cleanup

      Maintain clean contact lists to ensure messages reach their intended recipients efficiently.

    • URL Management

      URL management

      Easily manage campaigns while saving space through URL shortening.

    Impact delivered through Airtel SMS API Solutions

    • 99.99%

      service uptime maintenance.

    • 250 Mn

      messages capacity by a leading bank.

    • 15 secs

      delivery time for transactional messages.

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