Top 5 Industries Benefiting from the Infusion of IoT Applications

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Industries Benefiting from IoT Applications

With the IoT, society is entering a new era characterised as much by data creation and consumption as it is by the devices, infrastructures, and systems that generate data. In this new world, we are moving far away from ordinary business models to one that provides cost-efficiency, improves procedures, provides customers with the latest experiences — or even everything stated above. And the application of the Internet of Things helps you with that.

The IoT’s potential for value creation is staggering. It has the potential to radically reshape industries and sectors and enable entirely new business models. But to realize its full potential, companies will have to look beyond their immediate business priorities and across their entire product lifecycles and take the help of IoT-based projects.

They’ll need to examine every aspect of their businesses through a lens focused on the consumer experience. The IoT aims to connect any device that can gather, send or store data, affecting every industry and all parts of the economy.

However, five industries are benefitting the most from IoT infusion:

1. Healthcare

Internet of Things has become a new area of interest for businesses and entrepreneurs. Here are some ways in which the application of IoT is improving healthcare:

  1. The IoT can help reduce the cost of medical services by controlling patients off-site – thereby reducing unnecessary visits and hospitalisation through viable data collection and management.
  2. The IoT-based products also allow healthcare organisations to reduce waste and failures. Data collection and analysis from work automation is the best way to minimise unessential tests and costly imaging procedures. It also reduces overall operational costs.
  3. The IoT can also help improve management in the healthcare industry by allowing therapists not to spend a lot of time preventing hospital infections, tracking supplies, and searching for drugs.

2. Manufacturing Industries

There are multiple benefits of IoT applications in the manufacturing industry. It allows monitoring of the production process and identifying its weak parts. Additionally, it helps avoid problems that may cause delays in the manufacturing process.

Intelligent IoT solutions improve production quality, ensuring the high reliability of products and services. IoT software for manufacturing can also optimise resource allocation and increase worker productivity and skillfulness.

Timely information about product manufacturing allows controlling costs, reducing maintenance expenses, and improving product quality. It can be done by remotely monitoring all production equipment without entering production premises.

3. Agriculture

The term smart agriculture refers to the application of IoT solutions in agriculture. By using IoT sensors, it is believed that it would be easier for farmers to make informed decisions and improve just about every area of their work – from livestock management to crop farming.

The agriculture industry can be one of the most benefitted sectors by using IoT. It is also an industry that always requires new technological development for its growth. Hence, it embraces IoT and uses it to maximize its benefits.

4. Finance

IoT is gaining popularity among businesses and consumers alike. In the past, this trend was supported by a number of devices integrated with sensors.

It was only during the last few years that financial institutions started to use this technology. The IoT makes it possible to gather information about customers’ spending habits and preferences at a much faster pace than before. That is why banks have started implementing this technology so quickly. With the help of IoT-based solutions, financial institutions can provide a better range of services to their customers.

5. Hospitality

The emergence of IoT is making all things digital. The concept of smart homes, smart cities, or even smart cars is on the rise. IoT helps businesses by minimising operational costs and maximising productivity with real-time data, which allows them to make better business decisions.

IoT can enable hotels to do several tasks such as creating super personalised rooms, controlling the room temperature and ventilation, predicting repairs and maintenance of devices, alerting maintenance staff on time, etc., without much hassle.

The IoT also has the most potential for changing a company’s culture, moving them from a company that simply makes products to a company that offers personalised services.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Internet of Things is gaining rapid attention in all fields these days.
  2. The top 5 industries benefiting from IoT are health, hospitality, finance, agriculture, and manufacturing.
  3. IoT helps minimise costs, maintain databases, and reduce waste in the healthcare industry.
  4. IoT helps manufacturing industries to keep track of all the processes, resource allocation, and controlling costs.
  5. IoT helps the agriculture industry to use new technologies and ensure sustainable farming.
  6. IoT helps the finance industry automate all the processes and provide more services to the users.
  7. IoT helps the hospitality industry automate the processes and make it easier for hotels to minimize waste, reduce costs, and improve their culture.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way of life and work. As a result, there will be no shortage of new business opportunities in the coming years. IoT is a phenomenon that has been building slowly over the past few years and is only now becoming mainstream.

Companies large and small have been experimenting with the technology behind IoT — sensors and networks. Few industries currently benefiting from IoT are Healthcare, Finance, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Manufacturing.

In recent years, there has been a steady growth in the number of IoT solutions introduced into the market. As businesses have started understanding the benefits of implementing IoT solutions, they also see increasing value in connecting their existing IT systems to smart devices. The market for IoT solutions is expected to grow rapidly over the next several years.

IoT devices are everywhere. Whether you realise it or not, the proliferation of smart devices is changing our way of doing business, and it will keep on doing so, as the IoT is a powerful driver for transformation.