Two-thirds of cargo theft in transit across Asia, occur in India. Track vehicles and assets in real-time with Airtel IoT fleet management.

    Traditional GPS trackers, known for their expensive costs and high-power requirements, often make tracking a challenging task. Airtel IoT Super Tracker provides a cost-effective solution for real-time asset tracking, significantly reducing operational expenses.

    Cost Optimization

    The old way

    GPS trackers, high power requirements and extensive infra results in inflated prices for monitoring shipments. 

    Cost Optimization

    The Airtel IoT way

    Airtel IoT Super tracker makes tracking shipments three times more economical than GPS. 

    Operational Efficiency

    The old way

    The tracker was heavy, demands substantial power, and delicate making it susceptible to damage.

    Operational Efficiency

    The Airtel IoT way

    Airtel IoT Super tracker is easy to deploy, small, eliminates the need for external wiring and offers impressive battery life up to 30 days.

    Tracking Technology

    The old way

    The tracking technology mandated the use of GPS as a source for asset tracking.

    Tracking Technology

    The Airtel IoT way

    Location of assets can now be traced via SIM triangulation as the new tracking technology.

    Exclusive features of IoT Fleet Management

    • Alerts Management

      Alerts management

      Manage and receive various kinds of alerts for tracking your assets.

    • Asset Management

      Asset management

      Track the movement of assets in your warehouses and containers.

    • Vehicle Tracking

      Vehicle tracking

      Track the movement, speed and time of any particular vehicle or consignment in your fleet.

    • Geofence Management

      Geofence management

      Ensure right tracking is happening with geofence tags on the route.

    • Route Management

      Route management

      Set the points between source and destination which vehicle will follow.  

    Impact delivered through Airtel IoT Fleet tracking & management

    • 30 days

      Impressive battery life  

    • 3x

      more economical than GPS technology 

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