Smart Meter Data Management systems for actionable data at your fingertips

    Scalable and reliable products, which efficiently collect, process, and analyse data with cloud-based applications along with network analytics platform. Witness reduced costs and deployment timeline, increased revenue, and grid modernization for a sustainable and customer-focused future.

    A robust head-end system acts as a guide for managing smart meters remotely

    • Head-end applications support millions of customers and hence ensures scalability.
    • HES supports multiple communication technologies, including RF and cellular.
    • Gives you the ability to connect, overload, low balance, and remote disconnect for payment defaulters.
    smart meter data

    MDM gathers and processes data from meters enabling seamless flow of data

    • Presents well-defined, user-friendly reports, intuitive dashboards, and insightful analytics.
    • A secure cloud platform that collects, stores, and analyses meter data efficiently.
    • Integrated with network analytics to provide a full view & drive operational efficiency.
    meter data management system

    Exclusive features of Airtel IoT Smart Meter Systems

    • get a smart meter

      Easy scalability

      Our adaptable network design grows effortlessly with your requirements, allowing seamless addition of devices as your business expands.

    • smart meter for business

      Connect anywhere

      Easily fits with top meter brands for smooth use. Works with different technologies—RF and Cellular.

    • Limited Manual Interventions

      Limited manual interventions

      Manages meters on its own, allowing you to perform tasks such as billing and energy snapshots instantly or on a schedule automatically.

    • Safe and Secure

      Safe and secure

      Keeps everything secure with biometrics and alarms while it works with any database or cloud for flexibility.

    • Smart Data Handling

      Smart data handling

      Capable of working with billing systems for accurate billing and managing all types of meter data for better business.

    • Improved Operational Efficiency

      Improved operational efficiency

      Drive better insights by bringing together network analytics and HES (Head-end system) data.

    Impact delivered with Airtel IoT Smart Meter Data Management

    • 50%

      reduction in deployment

    • 1st

      time right deployment

    Customer success stories

    QuoteIndia’s smart metering programme is one of the significant steps taken by the government to modernize the power distribution sector. Smart meters are critical building blocks for smart grids and a fundamental enabler of the digitalization efforts of the power system. As we set forward to implement one of India’s largest portfolio of smart meters, we are relying on some of the most able and potent partners in the sector for various solution elements to support the successful deployment of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions. We are confident that the on-boarding of Airtel as a strategic partner will be a significant step towards our goal of creating strong associations to strengthen our infrastructure solution with a resilient and secure cloud-hosted cellular communication network

    Anil Rawal
    MD and CEO, Intellismart Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

    QuoteWe are thrilled to have partnered with Airtel for the implementation of NB-IoT services in our smart meter rollout in North Bihar. Their expertise, professionalism and dedication to providing top-notch services ensured we learnt together and had a successful launch. With Airtel’s support, we were able to seamlessly connect and monitor our meters, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings for Secure and for our customers in North Bihar. We thank Bihar Discom management and staff for enabling us to work together. We highly recommend Airtel to anyone looking to implement NB-IoT services in their IoT solutions and look forward to a growing partnership.

    Ananya Singhal
    Joint MD ─ Secure Meters

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